Praise God! World’s Most Premature Baby Just Celebrated His 1st Birthday

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Beth suffered medical complications during her pregnancy and ended up giving birth to a baby boy named Richard…

… who was born when he was only 21 weeks and 2 days old.

Doctors gave this precious baby a ZERO chance survival rate, but wait until you hear the miraculous story of where he is now.

He was so tiny, he weighed 11.9 ounces and could fit into his mother’s palm.

The chance of him surviving looked bleak, but his faithful parents never gave up hope.

Despite their initial doubts he’d actually survive, they watched him grow stronger and stronger each day.

And as their faith strengthened – the doctors too were stunned at the miracle before them.

Not only did Richard SURVIVE, but he ended up growing strong enough to be discharged!



“It’s incredibly rare for a baby at 21 and 2/7th weeks to be resuscitated, let alone survive,” she said. “I think Richard has surprised everyone at Children’s Minnesota. He’s taught us all how resilient tiny babies like him can be.”

Pro-aborts argue a baby isn’t “really a life” – and therefore see no problem with ripping a 20-week baby from the womb.

But little Richard showed the world his life is valuable, and he deserved the chance to be born.

So many people give up right before the miracle happens.

Other doctors are quick to encourage pregnant moms to get an abortion if it’s determined their baby will have special needs or “not make it.”

As if somehow a baby with special needs doesn’t deserve to live.

And let’s be honest, typically, doctors who claim the baby will “never make it” – end up being stunned at the fact they were wrong.

So many moms are told their babies wouldn’t survive

… but now they are thriving!

Thankfully these mothers ignored doubting doctors and went through with their pregnancies.

So where is Richard now?

At home, with his loving family.

In fact, he just celebrated his 1st Birthday!

Even more amazing, according to Guinness World Records Richard has become the most premature baby to ever survive.

His mother is delighted.

Live Action reported:

“It doesn’t feel real,” Beth said about Richard breaking the record for the most premature baby to survive. “We’re still surprised about it. But we’re happy. It’s a way we can share his story to raise awareness about premature births.”

What an incredible story.

Little Richard shows babies can make it in this world, if they’re simply given the chance to be born.

So moms, if you’re pregnant and going through a difficult pregnancy, please be encouraged.

Don’t give up.

Advocate for both you and your baby.

Push back if doctors encourage you to get an abortion (or find a new doctor altogether).

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