Pro-Life Legislators Fight Back Against The Culture Of Death With This Latest Bill

It’s been a dangerous past few weeks for unborn babies.

With liberal states jumping on the bandwagon to follow New York’s murderous legislation, it was beginning to look bleak for the pro-life movement.

But thankfully, some courageous legislators are no longer staying silent – they are fighting back with legislation of their own and introducing bills that will literally save babies lives.

Conservatives know life begins at conception.

It’s basic science.

And even more important, it is our Creator who formed us in the womb, and it is He who breathes life into this world.

But as Mommy Underground reported, pro-aborts have been working overtime introducing legislation which basically allows abortion on demand.

Some bills even allow underage girls to get abortions without their parents, further opening up the door for sexual assault of minors to be covered up.

It truly has been a dark and dreary past few weeks for the pro-life movement.

As liberals become more terrified with the actual reality of Roe v. Wade being reversed, they are working overtime to secure abortion as a “right” in their state.

But other conservative states are finally stepping up and taking the same approach but from the other side.

In fact, they are introducing pro-life legislation of their own – protecting life at the detection of a heartbeat through fetal heartbeat bills!

Mississippi introduced a bill which prohibited abortion as soon as a heartbeat is detected in a baby. The only exception is cases of “medical emergency.”

Florida’s “fetal heartbeat bill” forbids doctors to perform abortions once a heartbeat is heard, and even makes it a third-degree felony if they choose to do so anyway.

Even Iowa is doubling down with a constitutional amendment which includes actually writing into the Constitution that abortion is not a “right.”

LifeSite News reported:

“The proposal is a direct response to Judge Michael Huppert ruling that the state’s heartbeat abortion ban, enacted last year, violates the state Constitution (last summer, the Iowa Supreme Court also struck down a 72-hour abortion waiting period, despite the U.S. Supreme Court having upheld 24-hour waiting periods).

“The notion that a woman has a right to an abortion under Iowa’s constitution gravely misinterprets our state’s constitution,” Chapman argued. His amendment would solve the problem by “put[ting] the responsibility back onto the legislative body.

We are the ones who are going to make the determination of what should or should not be.”

The battle for life is fought through prayer, but it also includes making sure pro-life legislators get elected, and have the guts and conviction to introduce bills to protect unborn babies.

Liberals can’t stand to think a baby will be protected at a heartbeat.

But thankfully, if these bills pass, unborn babies with a heartbeat will be safe, at least for now.

Let’s hope more states choose to follow the path of life instead of imitating New York’s march to death.

Do you think introducing the heartbeat bill is a good strategy for states to adapt?

Have you contacted your legislators to ensure they are 100 percent committed to voting for pro-life legislation in your state?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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