Professor Warps Students’ Perspectives Calling Babies Parasites

Over the course of decades, the pro-death camp has worked tirelessly to dehumanize babies in the womb.

The goal of such propaganda is to convince the public that abortions are not the senseless murdering of your child, when in fact it is.

A liberal professor took this lie to the extreme by trying to brainwash his students into thinking that a baby is nothing more than a parasite.

As Mommy Underground has previously reported, Universities are increasingly becoming a breeding ground for liberal indoctrination.

It is unethical to use the podium as a soapbox for the left’s mischievous agenda, attempting to overpower the intellect of the students with scientific jargon that allows the speaker to dismiss the sanctity of life in place of textbook product.

At the University of San Diego, a professor taught a lesson on how mammals are prone to invasive cancers, according to The Daily Wire.

In this class he presented a slide that depicted an awful forced example of a parasite invading the human body.

What did he show?

A human baby as a “legitimate parasite” that “invades” its mother and “manipulates” her immunity, as shown on the actual slide from a student whose friend tweeted it in disgust.

The medical student who was shown this atrocity by the professor sent the screenshot to Dylan Griswold:

As if that isn’t appalling enough, the slide titled, “parallels between fetuses and cancers” goes on to infer that just like cancer, a baby “crashes the party!!!”

The course where these warped ideas are presented is called “Evolution of Human Disease.” Fox News reports that it:

“explores the major epidemiological transitions from ape-like ancestors to foraging tribes, farmers and pastoralists, to the global metropolitan primate we now are. We focus on how diseases have shaped humans and how humans have shaped disease over time.”

Unsurprisingly, the California university makes many false assumptions in the mere description of the course, so it is not far-reaching to think that they would continue such a trend throughout the lectures.

But how does a baby’s life in the womb get caught up in an extrapolation of human disease?

In an email sent out by the professor making the insulting comparisons, he claims that his “point was to show that mammals are especially prone to invasive cancers because mammals evolved invasive placentation.”

The email continues to try and explain how he was not trying to “indoctrinate” the students “with the notion that fetuses are cancers.”

The terminology “invasive placentation” is propaganda in itself, suggesting to the reader that the woman’s placenta is an undesirable and harmful aspect of her body.

Placentas are a gift by beautiful design, capable of feats beyond human comprehension. Without this biology of epic proportions, the woman would not stand as a unique and necessary contributor to humanity.

Taking away this importance not only demeans the human life that thrives within the uterus, but the gender specific role of a woman; which can only be assumed was the professor’s binary goal.

In one simple fact check, Griswold disproves the whole premise of the professor’s lecture. Griswold tweets:

Learn more about RevenueStripe...

A baby in the womb is a parasite by definition.” False: A baby in the womb is homospecific. The baby is the same species as the mother, whose body is specifically geared to gestate a baby of her own species while it lives inside her. The same cannot be said of a tapeworm. A parasite is an invading organism — coming to parasitize the host from an outside source. A fetus is formed from a fertilized egg —the egg coming from an inside source, being formed in the ovary of the mother from where it moves into the oviduct where it may be fertilized. The host-parasite relationship is one of conflict, while the mother-baby relationship is intrinsically cooperative.”

This is only a portion of the logical argument Griswold presents on Twitter, proving that the San Diego School of Medicine professor had an ulterior motive for his slide depictions.

The school stands by the professor’s claims of intentions with the dehumanizing slides in an official statement they released after some backlash, saying that the slide presented “widely accepted concepts” and in no way is a “political statement”, as The Daily Wire reports.

While this may be the accepted concepts in the ultra-liberal University of San Diego, it is not true to scientific fact as it exists apart from humanistic deductions cradled by the left.

It is sad that a person in a position of influence such as the university’s professor abused his power by brainwashing countless young minds into thinking that a mother’s child in the womb is nothing more than a type of cancer.

These young people are the ones that are going to be filling seats all over the workforce, to include future politicians.

It has never been more vital that conservatives speak out against the lies that are infiltrating the classrooms and instill in our own families how precious every life is.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the professor’s comparisons, and why they are allowed to teach such atrocities.