Progressive Marketing Has Reached A Shocking New Low – What Do You Think?

Mother’s Day was recently celebrated across the country with cards, flowers, and gifts for the special women in our lives.

Of course, retailers heavily market this holiday – often with commercials depicting all that moms do for their kids and the importance of mothers in our society.

But one company decided to jump on the progressive propaganda bandwagon with an absurd video that completely undermines the role of traditional women everywhere.

If you watch television at all, you’ve noticed that many commercials now contain some kind of shout-out to the LGBT community in the name of “inclusion.”

Though the LGBT community still only represents a very small minority of Americans, the propaganda is everywhere.  Even companies who sell products that target children seem to always “hide” some kind of progressive messaging in their advertising.

And some don’t even try to pretend that they are not grooming our children with the sale of inappropriate toys, clothing, and other products.

Mother’s Day is a big day for corporate America, and each year, they try to come up with new and innovative marketing techniques so consumers will spend more money.

This year, Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy! brand cookies were advertised by an unlikely figure – and one that has conservative families outraged.

Their spokesperson for a Mother’s Day ad was not a mother or grandmother talking about how much the kids in their lives enjoy these cookies.

No, it was a “drag queen” and reality TV star.  Jose Cancel goes by the stage name “Miss Vanjie,” famous for his appearances on a television show called Drag Race, hosted by notorious drag queen, RuPaul.

“What’s a sweet gesture for you to do to your momma? Your real momma, your drag momma, whichever momma, somebody, whoever take care of you, whoever you feel or consider your momma, it’s their day today,” said Cancel in the video that has gone viral.

Cookies, of course.

In fact, “Get Those Cookies” is one of the drag queen’s favorite quotes, and you can only imagine what it may mean.

So Nabisco thought it would be a brilliant idea to market a product that is typically bought by parents for their kids by using someone who capitalizes on using sexual innuendos and overtly sexual behavior.

This grooming of our children to foster acceptance of their radical agenda is nothing new.  Drag queens are being welcomed into libraries and community centers to host children’s programs, so the left seems to want to keep up the momentum in every way possible.

If this isn’t just a blatant attempt to appease the left in order to gain attention and increase profit, we don’t know what is.

Progressives love to “virtue signal” by letting the rest of us know that if we disagree with them, we’re out of touch – or worse, bigots.

They love to be offended by everything they see, but then chastise the rest of us when we’re angered by their destruction of every moral and ethical principle we want to preserve.

Of course, that’s what happened when everyday consumers like you and me – parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles – voiced our outrage over the video on social media.

Some of the comments echoed how most of us feel about this ridiculous and blatant marketing stunt, according to The Blaze:

Is there some new memo out that tells brands to #virtuesignal to a tiny segment of the population in a way that alienates vast swaths of the rest of it?

I wish I kept my receipt from my last grocery run because I’d return the cookies I bought and choose a different brand. I’ll remember this campaign when I’m in the cookie buying mood again though.

Others questioned why on Earth the company would choose to use a drag queen – a man dressed as a woman who cannot ever be a mother and seems to mock everything that real women stand for – as a Mother’s Day spokesperson.

We all know why.  Corporate America is by and large in the back pocket of the left and their allies.  They don’t want to lose money, and they think it’s easier to cave to their agenda than to fight against it.

While companies like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are under constant attack for working to preserve traditional values and Christian principles, companies like Nabisco are all too eager to adopt and spread the anti-Family message.

It’s always disturbing.  It’s particularly so when it is done on a holiday that is meant to celebrate the most traditional and sacred human relationship there is – that of mother and child.

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What’s even more sickening is that Chips Ahoy! decided to chime in with a litany of “we’re offended that you’re offended” comments, literally making fun of the traditional parents who are sick of the social justice warrior epidemic so prevalent in America.

The company continues to stand behind their drag queen “commercial,” despite many saying they will no longer purchase their products.

American parents don’t like it when companies dismiss our concerns – or worse, laugh at us for them.

We pay their bills by purchasing their goods and services, and we are free to go elsewhere.

Perhaps we’ll see who has the last laugh when Nabisco’s profit margins plummet.

What do you think of this blatant attempt to jump on the progressive bandwagon with a Mother’s Day ad?  Will you boycott Nabisco?  Leave us your comments.