Promoting Acceptance Or Furthering An Agenda? You Decide

The LGBT community is always working to normalize their agenda in every facet of our culture.

They think that their parades and drag shows are entertaining instead of being immoral displays that mock God’s Divine plan.

And now, they’ve come up with another disturbing display that they believe “promotes acceptance,” when really the opposite is true.

Of course, this new “enterprise” comes to us from the U.K., a hotbed of progressive culture.

The new venture is a series of performances created by Culture Device, a group based in London that features professional dancers and performers with Down syndrome.

This sounds like a great way to spread a positive message about the full lives that people with Down syndrome can live, and to celebrate their many talents.

But this performance is different — and seems a bit sinister.

It is called “Drag Syndrome” and features performers with Down syndrome dressed in garish drag while they sing and dance.

The name of the program, along with the absurdity of the performances, seems to be more a mockery than a way to celebrate the talents of people with Down syndrome.

Several of these performances took place in recent months across London, with names like “Extra Chromosome Drag Night.”

And it comes as no surprise that Culture Device receives government funding, paid by taxpayers, from the Arts Council of England.

What is of great concern, however, is that Down syndrome can affect a person’s ability to properly understand social cues and contexts and can leave them vulnerable to being coerced into situations they may not completely comprehend.

This smacks of the LGBT community taking advantage of people with disabilities to further their agenda by humiliating vulnerable performers.

LGBT activist and event organizer Daniel Vais said,

“I think it’s new for contemporary culture to include people with learning disabilities in avant-garde culture or in high culture – or in high fashion,” according to LifeSite News.

He says he plans an international “Drag Syndrome” tour, as well as to continue regular performances around London.

It’s obvious then that the performances are a good money-maker for the group, and the fact is, the British government and its citizens don’t really seem to care about the “inclusion” of people with Down syndrome.

The U.K. has a shocking 90 percent abortion rate for unborn children diagnosed with the genetic disorder in utero.  90 percent.

They are following the tragic trend of other nations like Iceland, where nearly 100 percent of children diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero are aborted.

Mommy Underground has reported extensively on the global agenda to eradicate this genetic disorder through abortion, and many nations are sadly succeeding.

If these LGBT activists wanted to advocate for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities, they would recognize that unborn children with the chromosomal disorder deserve a chance to live just like everyone else.

They would take action to end the skyrocketing abortion rate for the disorder.

They would use profits from legitimate performances done by the group to protect the most vulnerable among them.

Sadly, these performances seem to just be another part of the left’s agenda to make transgenderism and other “gender fluidity” issues normal and accepted.

And it seems suspicious that none of the actual performers with Down syndrome in the show have made statements supporting the “Drag Syndrome” enterprise.

British citizens who do not want their tax dollars to go toward these performances are being encouraged to contact the Arts Council of England to register a complaint.

What do you think of this “drag” show featuring performers with Down syndrome?  Do you think they are being manipulated to advance an agenda?  Leave us your thoughts.



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