‘Puberty Is Not A Disease’: Gender Altering Drugs Are Banned

Liberals are attacking our children, making them feel that their gender is a choice, that they weren’t created by perfect design.

Each developmental step in a child’s life is monumental, bringing them closer to the man or woman they are supposed to be.

While many left-wing representatives look to demonize coming of age tales for adolescents that have gender dysphoria, one government has woken up to the long-term damaging effects of gender transition therapy.

LifeSite News reports:

The regional council of Friuli Venezia Giulia, an autonomous region in northeastern Italy, approved a motion calling on the national government to prohibit so-called puberty-blocking drugs used in so-called reassignment treatment for gender-confused children.”

The motion was brought forward by the majority led League party of the Friuli Venezia Giulia that leans more toward the right when it comes to their political platform.

The motion did not go without opposition, as with all moral battles, and the liberal M5S party in the regional counsel unsurprisingly voted against it.

There are three Deputy Prime Ministers in Italy’s coalition government: Matteo Salvini of the League party, Luigi Di Maio of the Five Star Party (M5S), and Giuseppe Conte.

In the motion, an obvious but necessary statement was made in defense of banning the terrifying drugs that alter a person’s body, mind, and disposition.

Puberty is not a disease” was proclaimed to the powers that be. The body’s natural process shouldn’t be halted, it is not a dangerous illness that needs surgery and medication.

What a powerful statement!

Adolescents have a lot of challenges to overcome with finding their identity, an increase in responsibility, and adjusting hormones.

Through these tough times, adolescents can become confused about how they are supposed to process all the new feelings; and peer pressure can compound the issue.

The American College of Pediatrics has found that nearly 98% of children with gender dysphoria will outgrow feelings that their biological sex does not match their so-called gender identity after puberty is complete.

This data was used in the motion to show how evidence does not support the use of gender transition therapy for younger people, and many who do undergo it will have lifelong battles from the injury they inflicted in a time of misunderstanding.

The drug triptorelin is marketed by the French pharmaceutical manufacturer Ipsen as “decapeptyl” and by Switzerland-based Ferring Pharmaceuticals as “Diphereline”, according to LifeSite News.

Sadly, the United States also promotes the altering drug, labeled “Trelstar” and sold by Watson Pharmaceuticals.

Mauro Bordin, representing the League on the council and signatory of the motion, said in reference to triptorelin, as reported by VoceControCorrente, “We express opposition to the use of this drug.”

He continued:

“especially regarding the possible long-term negative effects and why blocking puberty pharmacologically could cause a misalignment in [adolescent] physical and cognitive development.”

Triptorelin is a synthetic version of the hormone GnRh, which is responsible for regulating the release of gonadotropins that aid in the process of ova being released from the ovaries.

When this drug is used there are frightening side-effects for women, including the ovary over-production, ovarian cysts, miscarriage, and prolonged menstruation, according to LifeSite News.

These are not the kinds of risks and worries parents should inflict on their children! Especially when it is absolutely unnecessary!

There is no doubt that gender transformation therapy (a name that minimizes the danger of what is being done) is an agenda led movement trying to crush traditional families and all their values.

It’s the common retort for liberals to call those in opposition of gender therapy drugs “transphobic”, but the term should be pro-child.

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Bordin agreed with this idea by saying that the motion is not an “ideological position, but a proposal of common sense in the exclusive interest of the health of children throughout Italy.”

Some people who have regrettably taken triptorelin have spoken out against the heartache they have to live with after being convinced they had to change their bodies to be content.

Parents are given children to watch over for a reason. They do not have fully developed brains or bodies, and are supposed to be protected by parents from things that will inhibit them from becoming the best they can be.

We need to be open with our children about the changes their bodies are making, how they may not understand everything they are feeling now, but that they are created with purpose just the way they are.

It brings us hope that Italy has announced such a motion, letting their citizens know that dangerous and controversial drugs are not how we protect our children.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the motion, and if you see the United States following suit.