Renowned Doctor Black-listed After Speaking Out Against Transgenderism

Academic circles have increasingly become more liberal in recent days, trading in sound reason for back pats in an echo chamber. 

Science has long been clear on the psychological impact of transgender confusion, and how most individuals (especially children) decide that they do not want to continue living that life after the confusion has cleared. 

In an open forum a prominent psychiatrist made a factual and logical statement that discredited LGBT opinion, and he was punished dearly for it. 

Professionals in their field are only consulted for the most part if they are willing to skew the evidence to portray a politically correct view. 

And it is wrong!

Dr. Allan M. Josephson is a good example of this wayward trend when he chose integrity over giving in to liberal bullies, and was fired over it. 

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank that hosted a board of medical professionals in 2017 to discuss the growing concern of the LGBT community and their ideologies. 

Speaking on the panel because of his extensive expertise on the topic was Dr. Josephson. 

During the debate much of the arguments the LGBT community bring to the table were well refuted. 

Gender dysphoria was a hot topic, as it is in all professional and social circles, and Josephson spoke plainly about what he has witnessed in the growing mental health diagnosis.

This did not sit well with the academic community and staff at his place of employment.

A long-standing pillar of the University of Louisville’s division of adolescent psychiatry and psychology department, Dr. Josephson took the minuscule wing of the university and made it into the nationally recognized program it is today. 

Despite these accolades, the accomplished professor was met with hostility and rebuke. First leading to his demotion, and lastly to his expulsion from the department he had created.

In response to Dr. Josephson’s contract not being renewed by the University, he took legal action and spoke out to some media outlets about his unjust punishment. 

In an interview with the National Review he spoke on how LGBT groups manipulate the public by making claims under the banner of a well-known organization, without the scientific evidence to support such claims. 

Josephson said:

It’s a political process: correct. And the way committees are formed, various people who have various interests get on them. They do intense work, and sometimes very good work, but it often doesn’t meet the scrutiny of a scientific statement. An organization affirming a position is not necessarily science, but it is a group of people agreeing to say something.” 

These statements are so simple yet profound! How many people have been fooled by this tactic of the left?

The LGBT community represent such a small portion of the population, yet they hold such a strong grip on public policy and political tensions. 

This is because they fool you into thinking they are on the cutting edge of “Academic” research, which is far from the case.

Josephson pointed this out in the interview that one of the key ways people try to diagnose transgender children is by heading to their “persistent” claims that they are another gender.

He shows the ridiculous nature of such conclusions in saying:

One of the ways that you diagnose transgenderism, according to the lingo, is that if a child is “persistent, consistent, and insistent” in the demand that they are the gender opposite to their biological sex, then it must be true. When I saw that, my knee-jerk response was, “Do these people have children?” Because in the process of raising children, they insistently, persistently, consistently demand lots of things that are not good for them, whether it’s turning off the computer, eating your own food, staying up too late, and it’s the parents’ job then to guide them to say, This is what you need to do to be healthy.

And, and of course, in a loving relationship, kids may test that a little bit, but they accept it. That’s what’s been the most amazing thing about this. These people are uni-focused and often don’t have children, and don’t understand children. And they are often not scientists. So it’s an interesting group that fuels this.”

It is a shame that such sound logic by an intellectual doctor is rejected without reasonable dispute. 

Although it is the tactic of liberals to attack the individual when their ideas are being exposed for the folly they are. 

Take heed when regarding the opinion of the academic community, making sure to research any claims that go against lasting traditional values.

Unfortunately, it will not be the last time a professional is unjustly fired for stating facts that don’t support the left’s corrupt agenda, but now we know to look out for it.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of Josephson’s expulsion from his position for not supporting gender dysphoria as a healthy way of life.