Retailers Pull Sickening Toy From Shelves After One Mom’s Social Media Post – And It’s a Wake-Up Call For Parents


One of the greatest challenges presented to parents in the last few years has been finding appropriate entertainment that has not been corrupted by the agenda of the Left.

Children’s programming on television, films, books, and even toys have increasingly promoted the LGBTQ agenda, which many believe is an attempt to groom our children to normalize these lifestyles and further eradicate traditional values.

And now parents are in an uproar and social media is abuzz with controversy over what is perceived as an intentional attempt to groom our children.

The Trolls cartoon series has been popular in recent years, loved by most children for its colorful characters and scenery, but main character Poppy – a bright pink female troll — has particularly appealed to little girls.

The franchise includes a television series, as well as the most popular digital release of the last few months, the Trolls World Tour movie, and has been heavily marketed to children and their parents.

As with all children’s programming, the characters have been marketed as toys, accessories, clothing lines, books, and the like.

But it is one toy in particular that has parents furious after a mom posted herself demonstrating the sickening way the toy works while covertly filming herself in the aisles of her local retail store.

The video went viral as parents realized exactly what was wrong with the toy their little girls were requesting.

The apparent concept behind the doll, “Trolls World Tour Giggle and Sing Poppy,” was to create a happy, giggling, interactive doll with a sensor to activate the audio and further promote the franchise.

But instead of putting the sensor in the doll’s “tummy” or on the hand or foot as most companies have with talking dolls and stuffed animals, the activation button in this case is located under Poppy’s skirt — right between the character’s legs.

Not only that, but the doll’s audio — described as “giggling and gasping” noises — has sent chills through parents’ spines.

Once the original post by the mom in Utah went viral, parents could clearly see that the toy was unacceptable and inappropriate for sale.

They lit up the internet with complaints and requests to have the toy removed with social media posts, complaints to the manufacturer, Hasbro, and a Change.Org petition that has garnered thousands and thousands of signatures thus far for major retailers like Walmart and Amazon to pull the toy from shelves immediately.

A statement by a Hasbro spokesman indicated the toys were in the process of being recalled from store shelves, and that parents could return any doll already purchased for a replacement toy of their choice.

They stated the placement of the doll’s activation button was not an overt attempt to groom children, but that the doll’s audio was supposed to be activated when placed in a sitting position by the child.

But the damage is done.

Parents are becoming aware of the fact that left-wing corporations — in the back pocket of progressive groups pushing an agenda of indoctrination – are trying to normalize sickening behaviors in our children.

And they’re hoping we won’t notice.  After all, who would think there would be anything sinister about a brightly-colored children’s toy?

This toy is particularly disturbing in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia ring that is under investigation, a frightening increase in child sex trafficking, the sexualization of little girls in the media, and public events like Drag Queen Story Hours in which our children are read LGBTQ propaganda in our public libraries.

Not to mention the blatant indoctrination in our public schools wherein history is being rewritten to further this agenda by declaring our Founding Fathers to be homosexual and encouraging children to become transgender.

It may come as no surprise then – in the wake of censorship of conservative speech all over social media – that left-wing Facebook is already flagging, or removing altogether, posts that express outrage over this inappropriate doll.

Facebook’s “fact checkers” have come to Hasbro’s defense by claiming parents’ posts contain false information because the toy company claims the placement of the activation button was not intentional.

But it’s difficult to believe that in a company as large as Hasbro, no one on the design team, production crew, or marketing staff responsible for this doll’s creation and release could all miss such an obvious problem.

It all seems a bit too coincidental – and parents aren’t buying the excuses.

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Utah politician Sam Parker, a former candidate for Senate, doesn’t buy it either.  He believes the toy is an obvious grooming tool to further the agenda of the progressive Left.

He cites the rainbow packaging – with a serious lack of descriptive information about the toy – and the resemblance to symbols associated with the transgender and “minor-attracted person” movements as an intentional move to groom our children.

While most adults are disgusted that such a toy could even be produced, others on social media are proving why this type of marketing is such a problem.

A Lieutenant with the Yuma, Arizona Sheriff’s Department was terminated after posting inappropriate sexual comments on his Facebook page in response to stories about the Poppy doll.

It’s just one example of a grown man thinking the sexualization of children is acceptable.  But, as for the rest of us, we are raising our voices to say, “This is NOT ok!”

While the toy is being pulled from shelves, parents may wonder what else is being slipped under our noses in order to groom our children – toys, books, and entertainment marketed as “innocent” and “fun” that may be part of a sinister agenda.

It is up to us as parents to fight back, just like the mom who originally knew this toy was not acceptable and made sure she alerted the rest of us.

We must make our voices heard to the companies who depend on our money by marketing to our children.

And we must echo the sentiments of thousands of parents who have demanded this not happen again by insisting, “This is NOT ok.”