School Board Sides With LGBT Activists And Endangers Students

The school board is supposed to stop all the crazy shenanigans proposed by leftist teachers, and support and protect students.

But in a shocking turn of events, one local school board just voted for the unthinkable.

And now, confused students are left wondering where to turn, as a dangerous new curriculum has been forced upon them.

The new curriculum does everything from encourage students to take “HIV blocking” pills ( a known method of contraception in the LGBT community), and completely eliminate the term biological gender.

Instead, the new school curriculum will replace terms like biological gender with “sex assigned at birth” and include other items such as “gender identity” and sexual orientation.

All this does is further confuse teens who may suffer with gender dysphoria, thinking they were “born the wrong gender.”

And the “HIV blocker” pill, otherwise known as PrEP is said to help block the transmission of HIV, which promotes people to be sexually active, by encouraging them it’s “safe” as they won’t contract HIV.

Preteens have it tough enough as it is – they are at that “awkward” stage in life, and they are just trying to make it through and grow into who they are.

School officials should be nurturing students through this difficult period, providing counseling and help for troubled souls.

But this school district just threw gasoline on a fire, and just voted to promote an LGBT lifestyle to children.

As if kids need anything else to be confused about, now they have to learn to understand the difference between biological gender, and “gender assigned at birth.”

This school board is clearly bought and paid for by the LGBT community, and not only did the school board vote for this, the vote was 10-0.

The vote wasn’t even close.

Parents are grieved by this new curriculum, and students stand confused, all while the LGBT activists cheer at the further decay of all morality, and rejoice in the fact they are now able to legally influence impressionable young minds.

The Washington Blade reported:

“Robert Rigby, Jr., president of FCPS Pride, a group that represents LGBT employees of the Fairfax County School District, welcomed the vote.

FCPS Pride celebrates the action of the Fairfax County School Board to be more inclusive of transgender students and family members and to save lives,” he told the Washington Blade.

Equality Virginia Executive Director James Parrish also praised the board.

“We are pleased to see the school board take this proactive step in updating the curriculum to be more inclusive of transgender and gender nonconforming students,” he told the Blade in a statement. “These updates will create a safer learning environment for LGBT and questioning youth and keep the Family Life teachings in line with leading medical experts.”

But conservative parents know this curriculum won’t make things safer for students.

Instead, it opens up a dark world of mental illness, backed by the school board, trying to convince children it’s normal to be born a girl, but then suddenly “become a boy.”

And sadly, this isn’t the first time a school has endangered children.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, teachers have been brutally open about their plan to brainwash children.

So if you think this couldn’t happen in your town, think again.

As schools continue to bend to the LGBT activists, more and more school districts are buying into the “inclusive” curriculum.

And even worse, they are forbidding parents to opt-out their child.

Just like teachers forced parents to accept vulgar sex acts taught to children.

Some parents have fought back and even organized a national sit-out to protest the “sex-ed” being forced down their throat.

So moms, stand vigilant.

Don’t let your local school board convince you what is best for your child.

What are your thoughts on schools eliminating teaching biological sex, and promoting the “transgender” curriculum onto students?

Do you think students should be taught “contraceptive” methods like the HIV blocker pill?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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