Shocking Discovery Leads To Concern For Parents

It can be a frightening time to raise a child in a world where traditional values are eroding and dangerous situations seem to be all around us.

While we do everything we possibly can to keep our children safe — and teach them how to keep themselves safe as they get older – the fear of what can happen out there is in the back of every parent’s mind.

It can be hard to comprehend that anyone could ever harm a child, but one stomach-churning discovery is being reported that shows there truly is evil in the world today.

The advocacy group, Veterans on Patrol, was recently searching a wooded area in Tucson, Arizona, looking for homeless vets who have set up camp and may be in need of assistance.

What they stumbled upon is shocking to say the least.

They encountered a camp and bunker – but it was unlike any homeless camp they had seen in their previous experiences.

Activist Mommy reported the group found trees with restraints on them at the site, children’s clothing, a baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, pornographic material, hair dye and a five feet tall underground cave that had a dresser and crates. The cave was not big enough for an adult, but a child could easily fit inside.

The men immediately had the sinking feeling that they had found an (at least temporarily) abandoned child trafficking bunker.

They then notified Veterans for Child Rescue, an organization working with agencies across the U.S. to eliminate sex trafficking and find and rescue victims.

Its founder, Craig Sawyer, had never seen anything like the bunker before and believes it and the surrounding camp had not been abandoned for long.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

While he has “heard of rooms full of kids in houses and basements and things like that,” while investigating child sex trafficking, Sawyer noted he had never encountered anything “underground like this.”

“An underground cell, that’s pretty creepy,” he said. “In fact there’s another one nearby that they found that they are already digging with fresh tools and fresh dirt.”

While local media claim the area is just another homeless camp, the experienced volunteers disagree.  The area’s purpose, and who is responsible for it being there, is still under investigation.

One disturbing fact they have discovered, however, is that the land on which the encampment was found is owned by a high-dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation.

The property is under the name of CEMEX, a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative who donated $25,000 to the Clintons and was awarded a 7 million dollar contract to help rebuild homes in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The contract, however, was awarded while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in 2012, almost three years after the quake – a dubious arrangement that makes little sense due to the timing.

Local law enforcement is also sending contradictory messages to the public and media who have been pursuing the story.

They claim to have investigated the area immediately following the report by Veterans on Patrol.  The group, however, says police did not look at the scene until two days later.

Whatever is going on here, it definitely has questionable undertones.  The bottom line is that if this is a hub for sex traffickers to hold children, the individuals responsible must be immediately found and held accountable to the furthest extent of the law.

And if it is indeed a stop on a child trafficking route, all evidence must be preserved and analyzed to find clues to the whereabouts of any potential young victims – and to prevent another camp of this sort to be established.

It remains unclear what, if any, connection the property owners have to the encampment or if it is ever patrolled by the owners or law enforcement.

If it is a trafficking stop where children have been held, residents in the area have a right to know – and to be on heightened alert to keep their kids safe.

Sex trafficking of children has been reported to government agencies in all fifty states and is a frightening and growing epidemic which should cause every parent grave concern.

Mommy Underground has reported on this danger on several occasions, including the global reach of targeting children for sex and servitude and progressive ideologies in global agencies that exploit children on the taxpayers’ dime.

The investigation into the encampment is still underway and the case is still developing.  We will keep you posted on any new developments as more information comes to light.

What do you think of the strange circumstances of this disturbing find?  Do you think the connection of the property owners to the Clinton Foundation is just a coincidence?  Leave us your thoughts.

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