Sick Ad Campaign Shows Just How Little The Left Values Life

For those who pray and fight for the innocent lives of the unborn, it is impossible to comprehend how the left can justify the slaughter caused by abortion.

It is even harder to understand their demand that it is a women’s health issue – or worse, a “right” — or just how lightly they take ending a child’s life.

Now one abortion advocacy group has come up with a disturbing marketing campaign – and it will turn your stomach.

The pro-abortion National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) is but one of many organizations who claim to fight for the health of women by advocating for abortion-on-demand.

NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and other “pro-choice” organizations bury their agenda that promotes death to babies who are deemed inconvenient under the guise of keeping women “healthy and safe.”

They are furious there is a Republican in the White House.  They are furious there is a Republican majority in Congress.

And they are beside themselves that a second conservative nominee is up for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has worked to protect innocent life throughout his career, and groups like NARAL are on the warpath to prevent his confirmation to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s soon-to-be vacant seat on the High Court.

Their website states:

“Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh represents an urgent threat to Roe v. Wade and the fundamental freedoms promised to generations—and we’ve proven that we won’t back down in the face of his anti-choice extremism.”

So besides spewing their propaganda to anyone who will listen and protesting all over social media, what else do they plan to do to fight over this serious issue?

They’re selling ice cream.

That’s right – NARAL and other abortion groups aligned with the left think that murdering babies is something to be taken lightly.  That it should receive no more consideration than choosing what outfit to wear each day.

Their new campaign advertises a partnership with an Oregon ice cream shop, What’s The Scoop? and Pro-Choice Oregon with the introduction of a new ice cream flavor for August – “Rocky Roe v. Wade.”

The special flavor will be sold in pints for around ten dollars, with half of the profits going to support NARAL’s anti-life programs.

They’ve taken to social media with colorful images of ice cream cones with a background of a sunset, saying, “Order yours now and help defend reproductive freedom!”

Scores of companies and corporations donate some of their profits to abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, but consumers typically have to do a little research to find out where their retail dollars are really going.

But NARAL’s new campaign is blatant – and absurd.

A “fun and positive” summer ad to sell their product.

And that’s how they look at abortion.  A commodity to be bought and sold at will.  A business that pushes its services as if they are providing something good.

NARAL’s service is murdering babies – and they think every single woman should want and need access to what they’re selling.

And creating an ice cream “flavor of the month” in such a nonchalant way to make money for their programs shows just how little value they put on human life.

Part of NARAL’s mission statement reads:

We are the foot soldiers who work to ensure that abortion access is not only protected but expanded for every American.   When it comes time to push back against the daily lies and fear peddled by anti-choice zealots who want to drag our country backward in time, our members are there.

Zealots – those of us who think that every child deserves a chance at life.

Dragging our country backward in time?  Yes, we would like to go back to a time when it was illegal to kill the unborn.  It was a crime then, and it should be a crime now.

It is the abortion lobby who consistently works to brainwash anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda.

It is these organizations who lie and peddle fear for profit.

And it is up to us to continue to fight back.

If you are a resident of Oregon, boycott What’s The Scoop? ice cream parlor — permanently.  What kind of business sells a product that many children and families enjoy with the intent of using the profits to kill children?

What’s The Scoop? is far from the only business who donates a significant portion of their profits to abortion advocacy groups.

Everyone who wants to fight for the unborn should do the research to find out where their retail dollars are going and boycott companies who donate to immoral causes like abortion-on-demand.

Lists of these retailers, especially those who donate profits to Planned Parenthood, are available online for consumers who want to make sure their hard-earned money does not go to help the abortion industry.

What do you think of NARAL’s twisted ad campaign?  Do you research the companies you do business with to find out if they donate their profits to Planned Parenthood or other pro-abortion groups?  Leave us your thoughts.




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