Social Isolation Provides a Breeding Ground for Progressive Propaganda Online – What Parents Need to Know

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash


Our nation remains gripped by a health crisis of historic proportions, one not seen in more than a century.

And while we’re all distracted, our “backs turned” and focused on immediate issues of safety and finances, the Left is working hard to slip their agenda under the radar.

As usual, our children are in their crosshairs, and parents must remain vigilant to stop their indoctrination.

At a time when we all need to be coming together to keep everyone in our nation safe and secure, progressives are fighting to keep their pet projects front and center.

Nancy Pelosi and her allies balk at giving government aid to those who have lost their jobs unless abortion clinics are fully funded to keep killing the unborn during this crisis.

The LGBT community continues their protests, insinuating that healthcare workers are pushing aside their needs in order to care for critically-ill victims of COVID-19.

And then, there’s the indoctrination.

With children all over the country home from school and control back in parents’ hands where it belongs, the Left is finding ways to continue grooming our kids.

As libraries have temporarily closed their doors – and Drag Queen Story Hours with them – progressive indoctrination has moved to other venues in which to ensnare vulnerable children.

For example, organizations that survive by targeting our kids and teens with propaganda are hosting special online events to keep their messaging in front of our kids.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network is set to broadcast “resources” to middle and high schoolers on April 24th – resources that encourage them to interact and connect with the LGBT community to encourage them to experiment with alternative lifestyles.

Replacing in-person Drag Queen Story Hours, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is holding online story sessions for young children.

The series is called “Welcoming Schools,” and aims to normalize homosexual marriage and transgenderism in the family.

And the deceivingly-named Advocates for Youth is offering online webinars to make sure kids aren’t missing out on progressive sex education lessons while being homeschooled.

Pro-family advocates warn that this online indoctrination in the privacy of the home can be even more dangerous than the propaganda spewed in public school classrooms.

Kids and teens are encouraged to participate in these online sessions and research deviant sexual behavior while they’re home alone and vulnerable.

While traditional families may be doing their best to stay vigilant over what their children are learning in the mandated virtual classroom, it is difficult to monitor everything that is being presented to them when we’re overseeing the work of several children and possibly working at home ourselves.

One mom in Ohio even found that a website for teens run by her county Board of Health contained blatant sexual content and encouraged teens to stock up on birth control and emergency (abortifacient) contraception…

…with no mention of practicing social distancing – simply an expectation that teens are going to use this period of social isolation for sexual experimentation.

And then there’s the ever-present online danger, that of pedophiles and sexual predators.

Isolated teens – away from school, clubs, and sports teams – are particularly vulnerable to these predators who may pose as peers going through the same experiences.

These predators see opportunity in our national crisis, ready to pounce on any lonely, confused, or bored child on social media.

There’s no shortage of left-wing media outlets spewing inappropriate material to our kids at a time we think they’re more safe at home.

The progressive Teen Vogue even offers this advice in an online article about maintaining relationships during social distancing mandates

“There are all kinds of creative, fun ways to sext, if you’re at that level. There’s something to be said for a digital connection that fosters an air of anticipation…”

Parents have been warned for years about the dangers of social media and online predators, and during these unprecedented times, our children may let down their guard as isolation and fear creeps in.

We must remain vigilant in monitoring their online activities, their virtual school curricula, and any changes in their mood and behaviors.

Family has never been a more vital support system, and our children are experiencing the first event of this kind in their lifetimes.

Although the Internet has been a lifeline for most of us during this time of social distancing and isolation, it still has its dangers – especially for children.

So keep your guard up, stay strong, and let’s all keep our children safe during this crisis!

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