Stop The Madness!  You Won’t Believe This Latest Case Of Mom-Shaming

It can be so hard to be a mom sometimes, but the overwhelming joy outweighs all we have on our plates.

And it always helps busy moms when we have someone else who knows what we are going through to turn to for support, empathy, and compassion.

But that’s not what one tired, working mom recently got from another mother at a time she most needed it.

An anonymous mom just shared a sad – and all-too-common – story on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk.

The woman was breastfeeding and had just spent six hours on a flight to New York as part of a business trip.

She was exhausted, sore, and rushing to get to meetings. She needed to pump as soon as possible and headed to the mothers’ nursing room.

But you know airports after a flight lands — there were several other women waiting ahead of her, and nursing or pumping takes time, so the wait would be a long one.

Thinking she was “among friends” — other women — and desperately needing to get to her meetings, this mom decided to head to the ladies’ room.  

She found an available outlet, pulled out her breast pump, and even covered herself with her sweater.

That was when another mom with her young son in tow shielded her son’s eyes and told the woman, “You know there’s a space for that next door,” according to the Facebook post.

The mom was shocked.  She was in a women’s restroom, being chastised for pumping – while covered up – by another mother.

She said in her post that she was proud of herself for not apologizing, although she did tell the other woman that she was in a hurry and couldn’t spare the time to wait.

Why is it that we have to explain ourselves at all – especially to other mothers?  And why is breastfeeding still considered something to be done behind closed doors?

This natural process – the way we as mothers were designed to feed our children – still seems to be looked at with disdain when done in public because women’s bodies are all-too-often sexualized.

The mom went on to say in her post that part of her shock came from the fact that another mother would make her feel like she was doing something wrong by pumping in public – and that message was being conveyed to the mom-shamer’s son.

The woman’s post hit home for many moms who saw it on Facebook, and the comments were supportive, with everyone agreeing that breastfeeding should not be sexualized, forcing women into dark coat closets or backrooms with their baby or pump.

Other moms commented that even when a space for nursing moms is provided in public places, it is often far from comfortable or ideal.  It often seems like a place for second-class citizens to be ushered away into hiding.

Mommy Underground has brought you multiple stories about mothers who have been shamed for breastfeeding in public spaces.  From airplanes to restaurants, the disturbing trend of “public nursing shame” must end.

It is now legal in all fifty states to breastfeed in public – and it is up to all of us to do so without shame, fear, or embarrassment. 

It is up to us to support other moms who are simply doing what they are supposed to do – feed their baby.

So offer a kind word to a nursing mother.  Ask if she needs anything if she appears uncomfortable when nursing or pumping in public.

And above all, we must support and defend nursing moms if we ever witness them being shamed in public for doing what comes naturally.  

Let’s fight to rid the world of mom-shaming in all its forms.  We’ve all been there, and we all need support to do the hardest – and most rewarding – job in the world.

Have you ever been criticized for breastfeeding or pumping in public?  Leave us your comments.