Study Confirms: Living Life As A “Transgender” Can Kill You

LGBT activists insist their way of life is “harmless” and carefree, but a recent study just crushed their absurd theory.

As it turns out, living life as a “transgender” can actually kill you.

But in a desperate attempt to cover up the truth, there’s one major piece of the “transgender” lifestyle LGBT activists are desperate to keep hidden.

In fact, LGBT activists know if this secret gets out, they will lose support permanently.

The transition to “transgender” follows the same dark trail.

The typical scenario usually starts with a man or woman deciding they no longer want to live as their biological sex.

Instead of getting mental health counseling, they surround themselves with other like-minded LGBT activists, who convince them the next step is to get hormone therapy, and make the full switch.

As if undergoing hormone therapy can suddenly change one’s gender.

Often, many who “transition” suddenly snap out of it, but by then it’s too late.

The suicide rate is high among the “transgender” crowd, as they mourn the loss of their former body, and are now forced to live with the consequences of their choices.

That is, if they live.

A recent study shows hormone therapy isn’t just sick, it’s dangerous, and it kills.

By actually taking hormones, people are putting their entire lives on the line.

LifeSite News reported:

“The study, published Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, studied the medical records of 2,842 transgender women and 2,118 transgender men over eight years and compared them with 48,686 biological males and 48,775 biological females. They found 148 cardiovascular events among the transgender “women” (biological men).

As a result, the study concluded that trans “women” were 80 percent to 90 percent more likely to experience a stroke or a heart attack than actual women, Newsweek reported. Reuters noted the number of incidents experienced by trans “men” (biological women) was too small to draw conclusions from.”

God uniquely designed male and female in His image.

And when people decide to try and alter that image, disaster lurks in the corner.

But as this study proves, the deadly statistics are startling.

To think more than 90 percent of men could have a heart attack due to hormone therapy is alarming.

But LGBT activists know, if this truth gets out, they are doomed.

The “transgender” world lives in secret – trying to lure people in without telling them the deadly consequences.

The plan is to target children when they are young, and impressionable.

And once children start to think it’s “normal” to be “transgender”, that’s where the danger begins.

Sadly, some parents even start their children on hormone therapy when they are young.

These parents are digging the grave for their children, all in the name of convincing people to believe the lie of “living the gender of your choice.”

It’s time to blow the lid on the sick underground world of what being a “transgender” really does to a person.

Were you surprised to learn hormone therapy could actually kill those who follow its course?

Why do you think the LGBT community remains silent on this known killer?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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