Target Defies Conservative Parents And Showcases The Unthinkable

Target is known for being sympathetic to the LGBT movement, even going so far as to allow men into women’s restrooms.

And after facing a massive backlash from angry parents, while suffering the humiliation of watching their sales decline, one would think Target would change course.

But Target’s latest move shows their loyalty is with the LGBT community and defies parents in a major way.

Mommy Underground  previously reported on the shocking events taking place inside the walls of Target.

From “transgender” bathrooms and dressing rooms, Target opened up the door for the unthinkable.

And because of Target’s reckless store policies, they have attracted sexual predators into their stores, endangering women and children.

As a result, Target suffered a major financial blow, as conservative moms across the nation boycotted the retail giant and finally said enough is enough.

After hearing from the public, Target should have taken it as a sign something needed to change.

But they didn’t.

In fact, Target decided to relaunch their past campaign of marketing “gay pride” clothes to children, in order to “celebrate pride month.”

Attempting to remain relevant, and obviously desperate for attention, Target proudly displayed a few blurbs on their website, boasting how “inclusive” they are to the LGBT community.

Target’s website states:

“Pride month is underway and we’re helping families get ready to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and #TakePride with a new, exclusive product collection.

It’s just one way we show our longstanding commitment to the community. For more than 20 years, we’ve supported local, regional and national LGBTQ+ organizations financially and through volunteerism. And this year, along with our product collection and partnerships, we’ll we also have thousands of team member volunteers bringing community events to life across the nation.”

This statement alone sends a loud and clear message, Target does not care what conservative families want, and they’ve proved they are more than willing to trample on the backs of American families in order to remain embedded with LGBT activists.

Target continues to reveal their plans to celebrate “pride month”, which includes marketing to children.

Target stated:

“To make sure we have everything guests need as they prep for the festivities, this year’s Pride collection features more than 90 new products, including more apparel than ever for adults (including extended sizes) and kids, plus accessories, party supplies and more.”

It looks like Target hasn’t learned their lesson yet.

Instead of listening to conservative parents, Target double downed and proved once and for all, their loyalty is with the LGBT community, not families.

Children should not be exposed to “LGBT friendly” gear in honor of “pride month” while shopping at a store like Target.

The LGBT crew is utterly obsessed with pushing their agenda onto children, even going so far as to make children walking billboards promoting a deviant same-sex lifestyle.

But children are not marketing pieces to be played with, they are young and impressionable, and should not be exposed to the LGBT’s idea of relationships.

The fact that Target allows men to change next to little girls in fitting rooms should be enough to boycott Target.

But as if you needed another reason, to boycott Target, you now have one.

Knowing that Target is willfully choosing to act in deviance at the righteous criticism received from parents, and bow down to LGBT activists should be enough to convince you to take your money (and your children) elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on Target’s latest “pride month “clothing line, marketed to children?

Do you think Target’s pro LBGT policies are endangering families?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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