TEARJERKER! One Child Saves The Life Of His Dying Cousin

One little 8-year-old boy couldn’t stand the thought of watching his 6-year-old cousin die, so he stepped in to save her life.

The love this child had for his cousin will melt your heart, and you won’t believe what he sacrificed to save her life.

With so many heartbreaking stories in the world of evil and ill-will, this story is sure to restore your hope in humanity.

Children are often known to have an innocence about them.

Not yet tainted by the world, they love fiercely and from a true and authentic love.

Life is simple for them, and when one little boy saw his cousin was dying, he wanted to help her any possible way he could.

So when 6-year-old Grace was dying of leukemia, this young boy couldn’t stand the thought of losing his cousin and friend.

He was heartbroken and wanted to act.

Grace needed a bone marrow transplant in order to live.

The problem was, her own siblings weren’t a match, so things weren’t looking good.

That’s when 8-year-old Scott stepped in to save the day.

He actually volunteered to donate his bone marrow, to save the life of his cousin.

Scary Mommy reports:

When asked why he decided to donate his bone marrow, Scott very sweetly responded: “I wanted to save her life.”

Scott admitted that the whole transplant process was nerve-wracking. “I was scared going in for an operation,” he said. “…I felt really happy (that I saved her life).”

Thankfully, Grace is doing better and started back at school in November. The internet was crying and applauding and feeling all the good feelings about this whole story.

And we at Mommy Underground are crying too!

The bravery of this sweet child is almost too much to put into words.

With so many adults in the world tainted by life, it’s so encouraging to see the bold and courageous spirit of this young boy!

The internet went nuts, as so many people were blown away by the simple act of love this child had for his best friend.

Thank goodness the parents allowed this child to move forward with the procedure, and praise God he was a match!

Little Grace will grow up one day, and look back and see her cousin literally saved her life.

The example this young child set is one many others should emulate as an example on how to love well.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, an act of kindness can really save a life.

With all the tragedy and pain in life, we hope this story encourages your spirit and reminds you there is still goodness in this world!

8-year-old Scott is a hero, and the humility of his desire to save his cousin’s life out of sheer love is a great example of love on display.

What are your thoughts on little 8-year-old Scott’s decision to have a bone marrow transplant in order to save the life of his 6-year-old cousin?

What encouraged you most about his story?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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