The Battle For A Child’s Future Continues – But One Parent Sees A Ray Of Hope

The battle rages on to preserve family values for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.

But an immoral progressive agenda has taken hold so deeply that our God-given parental rights are now being called into question.

This is exactly the frightening scenario one father is going through as he tries to save his son from a system that has fallen prey to this indoctrination.

One of the most terrifying consequences of the liberal agenda in recent years is that children are being groomed and indoctrinated about gender.

They’re told that biological gender is meaningless, and that they can abandon the gender they were assigned at birth to become whoever they please.

It’s being done in our schools, through doctors and the courts – and in one case, has one child’s parents locked in a battle of beliefs.

Mommy Underground previously brought you the story of 7-year-old James Younger.

James is going through a frightening scenario as his parents fight over whether he should be allowed to stay a male or transition into a female.  

But unlike many of the stories we hear where a child feels he or she is “supposed to be” the opposite gender – whether through indoctrination at school, peer pressure, or any number of twisted reasons – little James likes being a boy, just as he was born to be.

The problem is, his mother wants him to be a girl.

Dr. Anne Georgulas – that’s right, she’s actually a pediatrician – says her son started showing signs of feminine behavior after watching the Disney movie Frozen.  He would sing and dance and want to wear a dress.

Behaviors that Georgulas should know are quite normal for young children using their imaginations.  It should never be taken for more than it is, make-believe during play – something Georgulas should know as a pediatrician.

But James’ mother bought into the current state of gender insanity that is going on in our nation and ran with it.

She decided she would help James transition from a boy to a girl.  She started calling him “Luna.”  She put him in dresses and refused to allow his father to cut the boy’s hair short.

Georgulas and James’ father, Jeffrey Younger, were in the process of a tumultuous divorce and custody battle over their twin boys, James and Jude (who has been left to be the boy he is).

When the boys stay with their father, Jeffrey says that James is a happy, normal boy who shows no signs of wanting to dress like or act like a girl, going so far as to say the child completely rejects any kind of female gender expression.

Because the parents don’t see eye-to-eye on the matter – especially because Jeffrey Younger sees the damage that is being done to his son by Georgulas – they have been fighting in court over James’ “transition.”

Georgulas filed for sole custody because Jeffrey Younger would not “affirm” his son’s so-called “gender choices.”  She also wanted Younger to pay for therapists and counselors of her choosing – who have fallen prey to the scare tactics of a social agenda that encourages transgenderism in children.

A judge originally issued a “joint conservatorship” over any medical decisions to be made on James’ behalf after Anne Georgulas filed a petition requesting that her ex-husband must call their son “Luna,” not cut his hair, and allow him to dress as a girl.

In response, Jeffrey Younger filed a petition for sole custody of the twin boys due to his concerns over this form of child abuse being committed by their mother.  His main goal was to prevent Georgulas from being allowed to start James on dangerous hormonal therapies.

Unbelievably, and with the support of therapists who encourage gender dysphoria, Jeffrey Younger was denied his request for sole conservatorship over medical decisions in a recent hearing.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott even weighed in on the shocking case, saying that the Attorney General’s office would look into the matter and make sure that James’ best interests were being preserved.

A website called “Save James” has been a platform for support for Jeffrey Younger’s fight to save his son from a dangerous, life-altering decision being made by his mother – one that Younger says is based on completely false assumptions by Georgulas.

Family friends also testified to the courts that James has never shown signs of wanting to be a girl and claiming that their mother’s attempts at forced gender transition is child abuse.

Just days ago, Judge Kim Cooks gave Jeffrey Younger a ray of hope when she ruled that both parents would have equal decision-making authority in all medical and psychological decisions in regard to their son.

While it’s not ideal and still allows Anne Georgulas to petition for future gender transition for James, it at least gives his father some ammunition with which to fight for his son’s future.

The fight for James’ health and safety will continue, but James Younger now has a legal right to speak out in the courts on behalf of his son, and it was ruled that no dangerous medical procedures in regard to gender transition can begin at this time.  

The judge, however, issued a gag order for both parents, so Jeffrey will not be able to speak publicly about his son for now.

That includes the Save James website and requests for funding in the fight by Jeffrey Younger, however, friends still continue to keep the story alive and request donations through GoFundMe and their own Facebook pages.

Mommy Underground will keep you updated on any further developments in this story.

What do you think of this mother who appears to be forcing her son to change genders against his will?  Leave us your thoughts.

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