The Latest “Transgender” Family Indoctrinates Children In The Worst Way

LGBT activists are attacking the traditional family structure at a rapid pace, and it’s causing confusion and harm to young children.

Those who identify as “transgender” are now deciding it isn’t enough for them to ruin their own lives, and are involving children in their mental illness.

But this latest story is so bizarre, you won’t believe it actually happened.

Parents magazine paints the picture as a “sweet love story”, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When a woman who goes by the name “Mitch” decided she no longer wanted to identify as a female, she made the “transition” to man.

And then, she decided to marry a woman.

The fact that a woman decided she no longer wanted to live as a woman was horrific enough.

But now the married couple decided they wanted children.

However, since “Mitch” is actually a female, it was impossible for them to conceive.

So, the couple brainstormed at what to do, and came up with an idea that will infuriate you.

The couple decided to have their homosexual friend be the father of their child.

And even worse, they decided to bypass the typical FDA protocols and testing, and do it themselves, at home.

And within two weeks, the homosexual man and the wife had a baby, although “Mitch” still identified as the father.

But they didn’t stop there.

The couple wanted to have another baby.

But instead of going back to the original homosexual man, they decided to involve ANOTHER homosexual guy, who was actually “married” to the first.

All of this was because “Mitch” was insecure about having one man be the real father of the couple’s children.

Parents reported:

“For the couple’s second child, Mitch and Heather decided to ask Chris’s husband, David, to donate his sperm. Not only did the couple find David to be an intelligent, caring, artistic, and an all-around wonderful person, but David grew up Jewish, as did Mitch—and would bring a piece of that heritage into one of their children. Mitch also preferred that both of his children not share a biological father. That way his own role as dad would not be trumped by shared genetics.”

Because of these two mentally-ill individuals, two innocent children are thrust into the perverse world of the LGBT world.

These children are bound to be scared and traumatized for life.

The couple brags they have no problem telling their two children about how they came to be brought into the world.

Can you imagine the trauma these two children are bound to grow up with?

And the confusion?

This is child abuse, plain and simple.

Instead of being parents, these individuals should be mentally evaluated, as clearly there is something wrong with them.

And the children, ages five and seven should be taken out of the home, and at least given a fighting shot at life.

Make no mistake – the LGBT community will not stop until their lifestyle dominates society.

They are attacking the family unit, because they know how sacred it is.

Parents dropped the ball by calling this saga a “love story.”

If anything, it should be called a “horror story.”

What are your thoughts on the “transgender” man “switching genders” to father her children?

Do you think these children should be taken out of their home?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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