The Left Throws Women Under The Bus For Absurd Reason

Liberals have been pulling the wool over the sheep’s eyes for years now.

The LGBT agenda is to convince society they need to change the world to suit the whims of a small confused class.

Institutions all over the nation have changed policies, appearances, and morals to accommodate alternative lifestyles; and prisons are now in the cross-hairs of the left.

A controversy with transgenders that doesn’t get spoken of as often in the media is where they are placed when it comes to correctional facilities.

Transgenders think that they should be able to be housed in a correctional facility of their chosen gender.

Reuters reports on David Stacy’s statement, who is government affairs director of the Human Rights Campaign, regarding transgenders not being able to choose where they serve their time:

The decision to disregard a transgender person’s gender identity is harmful and disrespectful.”

Sadly, Stacy, like most liberals, are blinded of logic by their unfailing dedication to the LGBT crusade.

The harm is when supposed transgender individuals sexually assault the gender they wish to impersonate.

It is disrespectful to force a woman to get dressed in front of a man because he tells them he is just like them.

What transgenders are upset about is that not everyone is buying their façade. They are getting their feelings hurt, and want there to be legal ramifications.

DailyMail reports on an awful situation that proves why it is not safe for those claiming to be transgender to be in a correctional facility that doesn’t coincide with their actual gender:

A transgender prisoner has been accused of sexually assaulting four female inmates after being sent to a women’s prison, despite not having had reassignment surgery.”

It didn’t take long for the first assault report to come in at New Hall jail in England.

After only mere days inside the women’s facility, the first of four assaults occurred before any action was taken.

The male prisoner had been posing as a female for two years.

This is coincidentally the amount of time you have to be living as a transgender before being able to be sentenced to a facility based on your preferred gender.

Despite the recent lifestyle, the prisoner was seen to be “visibly aroused” in the first assault at the high-security complex, according to Daily Mail.

In the second assault, the prisoner was making inappropriate comments about oral sex to another inmate.

A fourth victim was kissed on the neck by the transgender.

All of these advances were forced on women who would have otherwise been protected if the horribly inappropriate action of putting a man into a giant house of all women wasn’t taken.

Transgenders can claim that they aren’t attracted to the opposite sex, or that they know they are a different gender “on the inside”, but lock them in a room with countless women and nature takes its course.

Thankfully, someone in a position of authority finally came to their senses and sent the prisoner to a Category B men’s jail, according to Daily Mail.

At this time in England, there are 125 transgender prisoners, which is significantly more than the 70 recorded the year before.

Transgenders can only change their gender on their birth certificate in England if a medical professional has diagnosed them with gender dysphoria, and they have lived as the preferred gender for two or more years.

Obama put us in the same dangerous dilemma that England is in with allowing men to be housed with women inmates and vice versa.

That is until President Trump, shortly after he came into office, came in and put things right side up again.

Reuters reported:

“An inmate’s biological sex will now be used to make the initial decision as to where transgender prisoners are housed, instead of the gender to which they identify, according to a change in guidelines announced on Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.”

Female inmates are speaking out, saying they are fearful of being raped if men are allowed to be housed with them by claiming they are transgender.

Four women in a Texas detention center filed a federal lawsuit right after Obama left office, saying his policies put them in danger, according to Reuters.

Advocates for transgenders are still pushing for inmate assignments to be based on their preferred gender, despite all the evidence that shows it will put them and others in danger.

Liberals don’t want to admit that transgenders are the attackers in many cases, they want to hold the position that they are the victims.

The left wants to be the innocent ones that the world is mistreating, while in fact most of society is walking on eggshells around liberals because they are so easy to offend.

Hopefully, President Trump and his administration will stay strong in the political war to keep a man and a woman as they were intended to be.

Citizens have to stay united against the liberal propaganda that we have a duty to protect the LGBT community against the safety of everyone else.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about this man being allowed to be sentenced to a women’s prison, and if you ever see that happening in the United States.




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