The Left Turns Against An Ally For His Absurd “Betrayal”

Our culture is rapidly becoming something like a dictatorship with left-wing activists in charge.

Despite our constitutional rights, the left has decided to attack everything people say or do if it does not suit their radical agenda.

In their latest ridiculous assault, they are going after one of their own.

The reason?  He ate at the “wrong” restaurant.

The CEO of social media giant Twitter is facing the outrage of the left after he “accidentally” ate at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Jack Dorsey inadvertently tweeted his location while at lunch, something millions of Americans do on a daily basis.

Now, those who are usually in his corner are firing potshots at Dorsey for patronizing a business that is known to support Christian values.

This is what the left has resorted to in its campaign to control American citizens until their radical agenda is adopted by every man and woman in America (although, they’d be happy to eradicate those “gender stereotypes” in the process).

Following several furious tweets in response, including one by newscaster Soledad O’Brien, Dorsey issued an apology for daring to eat a chicken sandwich in his private time.

O’Brien tweeted,

This is an interesting company to boost during Pride Month,” to which Dorsey replied, “You’re right.  Completely forgot about their background.”

In addition to the left’s rebuke of Dorsey for even thinking about entering the establishment, they were doubly offended that he did so during LGBT Pride Month, which encompasses the entire month of June.

One person tweeted,

You wouldn’t have forgotten or been so flippant with this reply if you cared about our #LGBTQIA community. BTW, how many of us are on Twitter right now?”

Dorsey continued with the apologies that he had forgotten about Chick-fil-A’s “background,” placing the restaurant chain in the same company as criminals.

Supporters of Chick-fil-A fought back with statements like, “Their background for making great chicken and treating their customers with respect? That background?” and pointing out all the good the company does for the communities in which their individual franchises are located.

Chick-fil-A makes no secret of the fact that it is run on Christian principles that glorify God, such as closing on Sundays and doing extensive charity work with conservative organizations.

And this has always been something the left cannot tolerate.

LifeSite News reported:

In recent years, liberals have attempted to boycott the chain due to CEO Dan Cathy’s stated opposition to same-sex “marriage” and the company’s donations to social conservative groups such as Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.

Many homosexual employees and customers have testified that Chick-fil-A’s principles have never translated to mistreating them, and the protests have failed to stem the company’s popularity or expansion.

Far from what one would garner from the explosive leftist backlash to Dorsey’s meal, he is indeed the most fervent supporter of their agenda.

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He once publicly endorsed an article stating that those in the Republican Party were “the bad guys on the wrong side of history” akin to the slaveholding South, who must be “beaten, and badly” by a Democratic supermajority that must dominate American politics for at least a generation,” according to LifeSite News.

Twitter, like Facebook, has gone under the radar of their official mission statement of being a “neutral” site, including banning pro-life content and conservative groups, allowed LGBT groups to advise on company issues and even testified before Congress during the presidential election that they censored conservative users.

The fact that Dorsey is being turned on by his own just spotlights the fact that far-left activists and the organizations they belong to have no tolerance for anyone blurring the lines of their agenda.

Dorsey is but one of many private and public figures who have been attacked by the left for associating with anything or anyone with a conservative viewpoint.

The rights of conservatives are being trampled – no viewpoint is allowed that does not fall in line with the liberal agenda and the left’s attempted takeover of culture on a global scale.

But the moment they are challenged, they throw an all-out temper tantrum, staging protests and boycotts, cry that their rights are the ones being infringed upon, and hurl insults or threaten until they get their way.

It is frightening to see our nation, founded on traditional Christian values, being taken over by activists acting more immature than a young child.

What do you think of this absurd attack by the left against one of their own simply because of his lunch choice?  Leave us your thoughts.

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