There’s A Shocking New Forum For Liberal Propaganda – What Parents Need To Know

Everyone knows that the best way to get a message out to a large audience is through the media – in all its forms.

This is why the progressive agenda has so rapidly taken root in our culture, because the left has leverage and input in most of our nation’s means of communication.

They’ve tackled television and social media, and now they’ve thought of a new way to spread their agenda, especially to their target audience – our youth.

So what other way could they spread their radical agenda, other than the routes they are already taking?  

Well, there’s one final frontier in the entertainment world in which they hope to spread more propaganda.

Video games.

If it sounds absurd, that’s because they’re desperate to reach every single human being of any age with their messages supporting abortion, gun control, and the LBGT agenda.

And because progressives are working so hard to groom our youth, video games are the next “logical” step in their all-out takeover of everything we see, hear, and do in America.

Video games are big business.  They appeal to many different demographics, and hidden messages have always been rampant in them, whether we realize it or not.

But by now you can guess that liberal gaming companies want to introduce homosexual characters and other social propaganda on a grander scale.  

And now, they want to further normalize abortion in a sick way.

Gaming creators in Poland have just developed a Tamagotchi-style game, a popular style in the U.S. in recent decades, in which kids and adults alike can “care for” characters to see how well they thrive – or fail to thrive.

Disguised as a game in which kids can “take care of” pregnant characters throughout nine months, users are encouraged to keep the mothers happy by feeding them, keeping them clean, taking care of them when sick, and even praying for them.

Players can even see dream sequences in which they envision how cute their new baby will be.

But “Fantastic Fetus” is anything but fantastic.  What it is is a sick way to normalize abortion to its users.

Players start out wanting to go through their pregnancies – and of course, since no liberal propaganda would be without it, there’s an option to be a pregnant woman or “pregnant” transsexual male.

The cute, cartoonish creatures appeal to kids, and like other Tamagotchi games, the fun lies in taking care of something to a desired result.  

But not so fast.

No matter how well a player takes care of their “Fantastic Fetus,” there’s a bombshell at the end.

It’s time to give birth to your Fantastic Fetus…”  Then a message appears saying that the baby has some kind of life-threatening or terminal birth defect.  The mother may die, the baby may die, or both, no matter how well the player did in the game.

What?  You were expecting something different?” says one image at the end when the player receives a lethal diagnosis, then goes on to say in another image that this would be the end result if abortion was restricted.

The topic of propaganda being hidden within video games was recently discussed on a tech podcast for The Guardian and reported by Newsbusters.

In it, tech writer Laura Hudson and gaming developer Mary Flanagan discussed that it would be “effective” to insert pro-abortion messaging into video games – without players even noticing they’re being brainwashed into a certain mindset.

“…the research they have carried out over the years has shown that if you want to change opinions, you’re better off hiding the social issue in a game about something else rather than taking the in your face approach,” said the host.

The approach by many of these companies is the intentional introduction of hidden messages to a broad audience, instead of marketing the game as what it really is – abortion propaganda – to liberals.

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They don’t want to just make new pro-abortion-themed games.  That would be too costly and likely not effective.  No, they want to add these sickening messages into already existing, popular games.

This type of brainwashing is nothing new, nor is it isolated to one company or location.

When Texas banned late-term abortion, a game called “Choice Texas” was developed.  Another was created about choices women make when faced with unplanned pregnancies.

In that game, all the negative outcomes and “inconveniences” are emphasized, and abortion is offered as the character’s “best option.”

While video games may appeal to a broad spectrum of people, they are most popular with teens and adolescents who are most susceptible to this propaganda.

It’s just another sickening way of pushing the progressive, anti-life agenda and disguising it in our entertainment.

All parents should be aware of the fact that this is the next step in planting the roots of left-wing ideology in the minds of our youth.  

While you may not be surprised, it’s still a frightening prospect.

Were you aware that progressive propaganda was being placed into video games?  Leave us your thoughts on this sickening scheme.

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