These Amazing Hospice Nurses Fulfilled A Man’s Last Wish To Be Baptized  

Knowing you are sick and your life is quickly coming to an end can be a scary thing – but also motivation to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

And for one dying man in hospice, he was determined before he took his last dying breath, he wanted to be right with God.

Knowing he couldn’t fulfill his dying wish on his own, a team of nurses stepped in to help in the most incredible way.

As it turns out, the sweet old man believed in Jesus, but never had the opportunity to get baptized to publicly profess his faith.

But due to his medically frail condition, his bathtub at home wouldn’t work – nor would being lowered into a traditional baptismal pool.

However, this man was insistent he didn’t want a few “sprinkles” of water – he wanted full immersion to experience the entire act of baptism in its fullest.

So his medical team got creative and came up with the perfect solution.

They ended up transferring him to a different facility where a Chaplin was able to baptize him, fulfilling his dying wish.

And not only did they baptize him, they took the time after to massage his feet and wash and oil his skin.

Discover Health reported:

“I look at it as a ministry,” Irvin, the Hospice Home nurse manager, said. “Being able to honor wishes like this baptism is heartwarming.”

The team helped place Grindstaff in the bath and filled it. Once he was ready, the family was called in. Also on hand: Kim Ross, director of hospice, palliative care and senior health.

Ross saluted the teamwork it took to make Grindstaff’s wish come true.

“If transportation doesn’t do what they do, this isn’t possible,” Ross said. “If facilities doesn’t do what they do, this isn’t possible. And then the hospice nurses and chaplains, everyone comes together to do what they all do best – care for our patients.”

These nurses truly helped a man spend his last days at peace, knowing he could do the one thing he’s always wanted to do – get baptized. 

Some people ask for a special meal or personal comfort.

But this man knew what was most important – obeying God and getting baptized to proclaim his faith.

What a blessing the team of nurses took his request seriously – and made it happen!

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They could have simply dismissed his request, or said it couldn’t be done.

Nurses have an amazing role in this world – they are with new moms as they welcome life into this world – and they spend time with the elderly as they take their last breath.

We salute all nurses and are grateful for their hearts to help others.

What are your thoughts on the hospice staff fulfilling a dying man’s last wish to be baptized?

Do you agree they went above and beyond the call to make it happen?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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