Think You May Be Able To Shop Without A Mask Again One Day- Then You Have A ‘Normalcy Bias’

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Strangely enough, we have begun to get used to seeing everybody covering their face with masks- from the grocery store to community meetings.

The kind of Orwellian society where signs everywhere warn you how the government requires complete cooperation with their unlawful mandates as Big Brother watches your every move is here and now.

However, the most worrisome aspect of this whole debacle is that if you don’t follow the herd, then you are the one that is part of the problem- and the left has just come up with yet another degrading term for such people.

In an alarming revelation from CNN, it has been confirmed that all of the policies and back door legislation that occurred during the pandemic is meant to be permanent.

Sadly, the release of a worldwide virus that has scientists “baffled” and certain individuals at increased risk of mortality has been the perfect liberal tool to manipulate the American public.

But who would actually say such a thing?

According to Big League Politics, the late plutocrat David Rockefeller has already been quoted at a United Nations dinner saying:

“All we need is the right crisis and the people will accept the New World Order.”

And as the liberal agenda has thrived through different influential hosts, another representative of the left has taken up the torch.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh wrote in an article:

We are slowly learning if this year’s changes are permanent. If work — for the lucky among us — will remain from home. If we will visit the grocery store less but spend more. If we will find wearing a mask on the metro to be just part of life. If shaking hands and embracing will become less common.”

At first glance this seems to raise legitimate questions. We have all asked these things at one time or another in the last several months.

But where Walsh continues from here is shocking!

He discussed how those who expect to live their lives as they had before are mentally ill because “severing ties with January” is “not a bad thing” according to psychologists.

And if you had begun to wonder if you are unhealthy because you hope to one day have your daughter see you smile as you drop her off at preschool or not feel like you are suffocating as you direct multiple children in the grocery store, then you are now considering to be disillusioned.

It is called “normalcy bias” and is a phrase with negative connotations that the left can tack onto conservatives who are promoting this country ignore the media looking to instill fear and live as free Americans once again.

Nick Paton Walsh unveils more in his controversial article:

“People who don’t adapt to change believe what they remember as “normal” will return, and delay modifying their daily routines or outlook. Those who refuse to wear masks may be guilty of normalcy bias.”

So if individuals don’t praise homosexuals they are bigots, if they don’t support abortion they hate women’s rights, and as recently revealed if they don’t wear a mask they have a bias.

Once again, we see the hypocrisy of the left, and their ignominious attempts at creating a straw man to take down conservative values.

The media has already been hot at the press asserting a “new normal” is the only thing the nation can expect right now.

However, the backbone of this country is the conservative families who respect and uphold the continuation while spending our days working hard for the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

For our liberties to return, we must be vigilant during this dark age of government overreach.

Citizen have adapted to varying baselines of “normal” but they have, and always should, include freedoms this country is based on.

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