This City Shut Down Riots In One Day Using A Proven Method

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Our nation is experiencing social unrest akin to the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s, only with exponentially more destruction.

So why has the violence not only continued throughout the nation, but has become increasingly worse?

The answer is simpler than you think.

One of the main differences to the peaceful protests of Rosa Parks and Biblical leading of Martin Luther King Jr. is that the movement for racial justice today has turned violent and off-topic.

Thousands of Black Lives Matter protests and hundreds of riots have occurred all over the United States, particularly after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Several high-profile deaths such as Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, and more recently Ricardo Munoz in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have fueled the fire of violence and racial unrest.

In the Breonna Taylor case, she was fatally shot by police after her boyfriend opened fire on the law enforcement officers, striking one in the leg.

The situation was unfortunate, awful, and heartbreaking.

However, the incident was not one of malicious racial attacks by police; as was confirmed by the court ruling that found no officers guilty of her death.

City officials and the chief of police prepared as much as possible for the riots and protests to play out by setting up roadblocks, increasing personnel, and Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, a Democrat, ordered a state of emergency, putting a curfew in place for residents.

Other than these “precautions” there has been minimal police involvement in the protests, which have been occurring for over 100 days, reaching a climax after two Louisville police officers were shot by angry rioters Wednesday.

What did these officers have to do with the events that unfolded at Ms. Taylor’s home?


Yet the liberal run city still has not taken control of the city, afraid to appear insensitive to the sentiments of the protestors.

While Louisville has not taken to the streets in the same destructive manner as violent protestors in Seattle or Kenosha, it is still an example of an ineffective movement for change.

Creating Violence and death in an effort to get justice for violence and death.

That has never been a true catalyst for change. Instead look at earth shakers like Martin Luther King Jr., who showed tremendous accuracy in correcting racial injustice through discussions to amend legislation that exhibited racial discrimination and speeches that inspired love and respect.

In the Ricardo Munoz case, he was chasing police officers with a knife, after having a history of being arrested for stabbing a man prior, before he was shot in order to stop the attack.

Protestors and rioters took to the streets to defund the mentally ill man who tried stabbing a police officer, as opposed to praising the law enforcement for protecting the public from an assailant.

Over a hundred people rioted throughout the city, breaking windows at the police station, post office, and some local businesses, reports the Epoch Times.

The media set up for another display of chaos and anarchy.

But things didn’t turn out quite like they had expected.

Instead of riots lasting 100 days like in Louisville, they only lasted a couple days!

What was so different about the riots in Lancaster?

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The police reacted swiftly and justly in their response to the Munoz incident, concerned with simply doing their job.

The Lancaster Police Department released body cam footage of the shooting within hours of the incident, reports the Daily Wire.

A false narrative wasn’t allowed to fester in the media for weeks, enraging the public with lies.

Even more importantly, police made their presence known the first night of protests, with only a few warnings given before tear gas was deployed to cease violent actions from continuing.

So those in the area knew the police directives were not empty threats.

Arsonists and vandals were arrested and taken to jail immediately with a $1 million bail.

Law enforcement officers in Lancaster had the same resources as other cities had, but they enforced the law as they should, without coddling, red tape, or bureaucracy to hinder their jobs.

Cities where false narratives and violence were allowed to continue have failed their residents and the police officers who lost their lives to protestors.


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