This “Commemoration” On The House Floor Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

American parents are well-aware by now of the blatant push to normalize alternative lifestyles on all citizens.

Progressive propaganda has spread unchecked throughout our children’s schools, libraries, and community groups that involve our nation’s youth.

And we can look no further than a recent event to see how successful they’ve been at normalizing deviant behaviors by grooming our kids.

The fourth annual “Jazz and Friends National Day of School and Community Readings” took place on February 28th all across the country.

“Jazz” is Jazz Jennings, a 14-year-old boy whose family has exploited him to celebrity status by encouraging his transgenderism, allowing him to take dangerous hormonal treatments and have sexual reassignment surgeries – all caught on film and viewed by millions on the TLC show, “I Am Jazz.

Jennings also helped to write a children’s book with the same title, and that book is the centerpiece of the annual “Jazz and Friends” reading day.

The idea for the annual event was started by the pro-LGBT rights group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and, sadly, the National Education Association, of which thousands of American teachers are members.

The book, and others that celebrate homosexuality, transgenderism, and the newly-popular “non-binarism,” were read to vulnerable children in hundreds of schools and community centers this year.

And that’s not all.

The book was also read on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives while in legislative session by two progressive Congresswomen.

Rep. Jackie Speier of California and Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota read the book on the House floor, and then to transgender service members prior to a meeting on military human resources and procedures.

Rep. Speier tweeted:

Proud to deliver two very special readings of I Am Jazz for #JazzAndFriends – with transgender servicemembers before my hearing yesterday in MILPERS & on the House floor this morning. To all transgender & non-binary youth, please know @HouseDemocrats see, support, & honor you.

Because the book is written by a child, it is even more dangerous propaganda.  Kids may think, “Jazz says she’s happy and this will make me happy too.”

“I have a girl brain but a boy body.  This is called transgender. I was born this way!” reads a passage from the book.

Jazz also recounts “her” struggles in the story, and that it is unfair that he is limited to using restrooms and facilities designed for boys when that is not how he “identifies.”

Dozens of members of the HRC and NEA posted on social media about the “important commemoration,” along with pictures of smiling teachers and children reading the book in class.

This is how quickly progressives have normalized alternative lifestyles in our nation.

Our children are indoctrinated at school and the media backs the agenda with plenty of positive coverage, hailing the left as heroes and Christians as intolerant.

And now it is somehow acceptable to bring a leftist event to Congress – to the floor that is supposed to represent all Americans, not just the 4.5 percent of Americans who identify as LGBT.

This push to normalize these behaviors is not only unjust to the rest of Americans but dangerous to the children being targeted.

Physicians and mental health professionals continue to warn of the lifelong consequences of transgenderism – hormone treatments and irreversible surgeries that can cause sterility and cancers, and mental anguish that can lead to tragedy.

Chad Felix Greene wrote an editorial for LifeSite News that discussed what cultural normalization is really doing to people who identify as transgender – pushing for solutions that have nothing to do with treating an underlying mental health issue.

“We cannot forget the real tragedy in all of this. People suffering from genuine mental anguish are being promised that with enough surgery, camouflage, social acceptance, legal protection, educational campaigns, and so on, they will finally feel whole as a person. Worse, they are told that the only reason they continue to suffer is due to the intolerance and hatred of those around them.”

The American people are being groomed from childhood to accept that changing one’s biological sex is totally acceptable and will cure all the insecurities and self-esteem issues that kids often face.

Forty percent of people who identify as transgender have attempted suicide, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Many have succeeded, including teens, because the real mental health issue was not addressed.

Studies show that anywhere from 80-90 percent of kids and teens who want to identify as transgender outgrow it by the time they approach adulthood.

And yet our schools, media, and our own government have not only introduced the idea that transgenderism is fine, but they are encouraging our kids to experiment if it makes them feel good.

How many children will be permanently harmed or lost to suicide before our legislators and school administrators wake up and realize that they should not be encouraging people to change their biology?

And how much further are they going to take their agenda?  The likely answer is frightening.

What do you think of members of Congress reading a book on transgenderism on the House floor?  Leave us your thoughts.



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