This Deadly Epidemic Is Endangering Women All Around The World

Pornography is a crippling sickness infecting the world, and the epidemic just keeps getting worse.

Advocates of pornography claim it is “harmless fun” but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, recent studies show that pornography leads to unthinkable horror – and sometimes even death.

The problem with pornography is it changes the brain.

It further desensitizes and blurs the line between right and wrong, and causes those who view it to think certain acts are acceptable when they aren’t.

And when people view pornography, many become highly sexualized and seek to act out the “fantasies” they view on the screen.

But even more terrifying, men who view pornography are acting out towards women in a violent way.

Their brains have been trained to become addicted to the scenes they see on their screens.

And as pornography becomes more and more violent, this further endangers women who are seen as simply “pleasure objects.”

In India, the porn epidemic has reached an alarming high.

It is reported a woman is raped every six hours in India.

And experts are blaming it on the porn industry.

Children are downloading illicit content.

Men are hooked to the “tempting” images they are receiving on their screens – it’s everywhere.

The Guardian reported:

“Boys as young as 10 download pornography from mobile phone shops for as little as 10 rupees (12p). The combination of endless, violent porn videos and alcohol appears to be a lethal trigger for many rapes in India – a country where traditional Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh society strictly forbids not just sex outside marriage but any mixing of the sexes in towns and villages. Arranged marriages are still the norm across all religions. For repressed men to be fed a constant diet of porn on their phones is a recipe for disaster.

The infamous gang rape of a 23-year-old student in Delhi in 2012 that led the city to be called the “rape capital of the world” was carried out by six men who had just been watching violent porn while drinking alcohol, another taboo in orthodox Indian families.”

The violence and sadistic mentality towards women is further heightened by watching these type of movies.

Pornography dehumanizes women.

It makes them out to be a sexual object and strips them of their worth.

And as the Guardian reported, even children as young as 10 are watching pornography.

Mommy Underground has reported on the damaging, and long-lasting effects this industry has on women.

When Hugh Hefner died, Mommy Underground reported on the vile life he lived, the families he ripped apart, and how his death should not be celebrated.

Women deserve better than to be treated as sexual objects.

And the truth is, many of the women on the screen are actually trafficked and held against their will.

And with women and children being sold into the human-trafficking arena, the pornography industry further enslaves these vulnerable individuals and dehumanizes their worth.

What are your thoughts on pornography industry heightening such violent content?

Do you agree the pornography epidemic is a growing problem?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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