This Disgusting Animated Show Is At It Again

There’s no shortage of television programming that perpetuates the left’s progressive agenda.

Sadly, producers of many of the shows whose target audiences are children make a point of inserting inappropriate liberal propaganda into what our kids like to watch.

Once again, one of the most offensive programs out there is at it again spreading false information to vulnerable teens.

Season Two of the cartoon series Big Mouth debuted a couple of weeks ago.

Mommy Underground sent a warning to parents last year about this show that appeals to teens but is full of strictly adult content.

Of course, who other than Netflix could bring such a trashy program to the airwaves and call it entertainment?

This is far from the first show from the streaming service to degrade Christian values, spread progressive ideology, and downright try to offend all American families – whatever the cost.

As if Season One of the program was not bad enough, Season Two aired a recent episode that not only uses references to Planned Parenthood as comedy, but reinforces the abortion giant’s own false statistics.

Episode five is called “The Planned Parenthood Show.”

That’s bad enough, but then the teenage characters begin discussing how their teacher should go to Planned Parenthood for an STD screening.

Character “Jay” says, “it’s just an abortion factory,” and then “Missy” says he doesn’t know what he is talking about and that “abortions are only a tiny part of what they do.”

With the current climate in today’s public schools, it is not hard to imagine this type of conversation may be realistic, but it is disturbing to suggest nonetheless.

And it is a complete misrepresentation of the truth.

Both the show and Planned Parenthood itself has repeatedly spouted the statistic that abortions only comprise three percent of their services annually.

In fact, this percentage is all over fact sheets on their website.

The organization carefully crafts this statistic because they count abortion the same as any other service they provide, and each service is recorded separately.

They provide more than 330,000 abortions per year, a third of those done annually in the U.S.  So how do they get to the three percent lie?

A New York Post op-ed discusses how “the 3 percent factoid is crafted to obscure the reality of Planned Parenthood’s business. It is a little like performing an abortion and giving a woman an aspirin, and saying only half of what you do is abortion. How much credit would we give someone for saying he only drives drunk 3 percent of the time, or only cheats on business trips 3 percent of the time, or only hits his wife during 3 percent of domestic disputes?”

On top of spewing the false rhetoric and propaganda of the left, this obscene show has been compared to child pornography.  Because it is animated, however, the producers get away with it.

Common Sense Media, a company who rates programming in much the same way as films are rated says this show is only for mature audiences – at least 16-years-old.  But even that seems too young for the graphic content.

Their disclaimer about allowing children to watch the show reads, in part:

The [characters] talk constantly about bodies, body parts, different types of sex, masturbation, orgasms, and many other sex-related topics. Expect cartoon nudity — including male full-frontal — kissing, and sex… frequent cursing and language, too, with plenty of sexual words. Some jokes talk about drugs and alcohol: A character refers to a friend who died of a heroin overdose. While this show is about young teens, it’s pretty mature…

In essence, this is definitely not a show for kids or teens, but you can bet that many different age groups are watching it.

Young teens may think it is funny and share with peers or younger siblings.  Or, like much of the information they get through liberal media, they may become desensitized to its content and think it is normal.

Whatever the case, Big Mouth should definitely be off-limits in American homes with children of any age.

And the recent “Planned Parenthood” episode is just one more reason why families should boycott Netflix.

What do you think of the sick introduction of Planned Parenthood propaganda into an animated show that kids and teens may be watching?  Leave us your thoughts.



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