This May Be Parents’ Most Important Back-to-School Responsibility

By now, most of us have sent the kids back to school with backpacks full of new supplies and words of encouragement and support.

Along with giving our children everything they need to have a successful year, we are also praying – praying that they’ll be safe in someone else’s hands, make new friends, and learn and grow to their potential.

But as parents pray for all these things, there is something else weighing heavily on our minds.

It is shocking how quickly progressive indoctrination has spread in our society, and nowhere is it more apparent than in our public schools.

The LGBT agenda is on full display as teachers are forced to teach that homosexuality is normal, that children can “choose” their gender, and that dangerous sexual experimentation is a “right of passage.”

As early as kindergarten, our children are being force-fed this propaganda, and as parents, there has been little relief.  

We are often unable to opt our children out of these sickening lessons, and we are left to undo what our kids are learning each day at school.

If you’re at the end of your rope, but aren’t sure what to do, Mission: America recently shared some tips – especially for parents who have no alternative than to send their children to public school.

Their first piece of advice is critical… always know what’s going on at school.  

Request your child’s curriculum from their teachers and standards of learning from the school district, research the books they are using and being assigned to read, talk to other parents, and stay up-to-date on meetings and any communication (emails, newsletters, etc.) sent to parents.

Visit the school – your child’s classroom, library, and media areas.  Is propaganda obviously displayed?  Is there a focus on pushing the LGBT agenda in library displays or bulletin boards around the school?

If so, you have a right to say something about the promotion of this agenda over core academic subjects that we send our children to school to learn.  Spread the word on social media, talk to other parents, and make your voices heard.

Are teachers or coaches openly promoting homosexuality or transgenderism?  Are they teaching your child the subject they are supposed to — or using class time as a soapbox for their progressive causes?

You can request that your child be moved to another class.  The last thing school administrators want is to have dozens of parents showing up at their door with complaints.

What is the school’s policy on “gender neutral” bathrooms, locker rooms, and gender-specific sports teams?  

Many schools have caved to the left’s agenda (and complaints from radical left-wing parents) to allow children to choose which facility they use at school, but it is not a federal policy, and the one-time executive order by President Obama was rescinded.

For your older kids and teens, what is being taught in Health and Sexual Education classes?  Are they encouraging deviant and dangerous behaviors?  Are they leaving out vital lessons on abstinence and marriage?

Do they encourage young girls to seek “preventative health services” at Planned Parenthood – or outright promote abortion? Do they specifically state that gender is not determined by biology?  

Again, complain to administrators, create a parents’ group to find a solution, and spread the word so other parents who are stretched thin on time can stay informed.

What kind of training is mandated for teachers and staff?  Are they forced to attend “LGBT acceptance” classes and forbid the use of traditional gender pronouns in class?  

Many teachers will focus on academics and not the social propaganda they’re told to push on students.  But some will go out of their way to indoctrinate the next generation.  Again, you have a say in who your child spends the day with.

And what about the liberal assault on Christianity?  Being respectful of all religious beliefs is one thing, but if you find your child’s teacher is openly critical of Christians or disparages your child’s values, you need to know.

Those who want this progressive propaganda to be fully implemented in our nation’s schools are a very small minority.  

The majority of American parents still hold true to traditional values and don’t want this propaganda in our schools.

Band together, do your research, and find out just how far the indoctrination has gone in your child’s school.  Petitions, protesting at school board meetings, letters to the editor, and social media posts will make administrators feel the heat over their policies.

September 25th at 7:00 am (your local time) is “See You At The Pole” – a national time of prayer where students, teachers, and parents can pray for the future of our education system and our children.

It takes place in the middle of the Global Week of Student Prayer – September 22nd to 28th – where students in public, private, and home schools can unite in praying for the preservation of traditional values and for the end of national indoctrination that aims to destroy these values.

Stand for your values – and for the future of our children and grandchildren – by knowing what is going on in your child’s school and working to do something to change it.

Have you experienced blatant examples of progressive indoctrination in your child’s school building, their books or homework, or in school policies?  Leave us your comments.

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