This Organization’s Hypocrisy Will Leave You Utterly Speechless

Many human rights organizations were founded decades ago to stop injustice and preserve the freedoms that everyone in the world should enjoy.

But, sadly, these organizations have become about promoting the progressive agenda of the left, and they are actively spreading this propaganda with incredible speed.

Now, another international organization just reversed a formerly “neutral” policy, jumping on the left’s bandwagon of global takeover.

Amnesty International got its start in the early 1950s when an attorney was calling for action to release international political prisoners.

They formerly claimed to be “neutral” on abortion, but early on added that abortion should be decriminalized internationally.  They also reiterated that they did not consider abortion to be a “human right.”

But now, following a meeting of delegates in Warsaw, Poland earlier this month, Amnesty International is the latest global “human rights” agency to fall prey to the left’s progressive, anti-life agenda.

In a complete reversal of their former “neutral” stance, they are now advocating – and promoting — access to “safe and legal” abortions.  The organization released a statement that read in part:

“Representatives voted to adopt an updated position on abortion that calls on States not just to decriminalise abortion, but to guarantee access to safe and legal abortion in a broad way that fully respects the rights of all women, girls and people who can get pregnant. It will replace Amnesty International’s current position on abortion, which calls for the decriminalisation of abortion, and access to abortion in a limited set of cases, which was adopted in 2007.”

Amnesty International once had among its supporters many pro-life activists and church leaders.  In 2007, when they began to loosen their stance on international abortion, several former supporters abandoned their membership in the organization.

Now, with the blatant support and promotion of abortion-on-demand, they are explicitly anti-life.  Former members said they “fought tooth-and-nail to stop Amnesty from being infiltrated by pro-abortion lobbyists,” according to LifeSite News.

But now, they are among the largest abortion promoters in the world, saying it is a “straightforward human rights” issue.

On Amnesty’s mission page, they state that the organization “has grown from seeking the release of political prisoners to upholding the whole spectrum of human rights. Our work protects and empowers people – from abolishing the death penalty to protecting sexual and reproductive rights, and from combatting discrimination to defending refugees and migrants’ rights. We speak out for anyone and everyone whose freedom and dignity are under threat.”

Their mission has obviously become one to promote the far-left’s agenda.  Ironic, however, is the fact that they remain opposed to the death penalty while advocating for the murder of the innocent unborn.

And the “anyone and everyone” they claim to protect does not include these children.

The organization made headlines questioning their “neutrality” on the abortion issue – even before the Warsaw meeting – when they advocated for legalized abortion in Ireland.

They actively campaigned for the repeal of Ireland’s Eighth Amendment of their Constitution that had previously made abortion illegal in that country.

And, tragically, their call to action helped build support for repeal of the amendment — and will lead to the slaughter of more innocent children.

On Amnesty’s “Facts About Abortion” page, they declare that access to safe abortion is a “human right,” but in the same sentence state that “everyone has a right to life.”

Everyone, that is, except unborn children.

This page also asserts that abortion is a “basic healthcare need for millions of women, girls, and others who can become pregnant.”

Using the statistic that one in four pregnancies end in abortion every year all over the world, they twist this high number of murders of the innocent to spin their own narrative – they claim because there are so many abortions being performed, there must be a need for even more.

Amnesty International also leads the fight to promote abortion with their global “My Body, My Rights” campaign.  Their promotional information on this campaign includes:

“But while the need for abortion is common, access to safe and legal abortion services is far from guaranteed for those who may need abortion services. 

Decisions that are our right – like whether or when to have children – have become a matter for governments to control. Some governments also allow other people in our lives to make choices for us – like doctors, faith leaders or our parents. And some fail to meet their obligations to provide the information and services that people have a right to.”

Tragic and disturbing are not strong enough words to describe a so-called “human rights” organization that makes no mention anywhere of the rights of unborn children.

To them, abortion should be used as a form of birth control, be readily available on demand and on the taxpayer’s dime — and the “inconvenience” to the mother who does not want her child supersedes the right of the child to life.

Amnesty International is far from the first – or the last – international organization to adopt these sickening policies.

We must pray for an end to the horrors of abortion, stand by legislators who uphold the God-given right to life for all people, and research any organization that we choose to donate to in order to make sure they back pro-life values.

What do you think of Amnesty International’s claim to stand up for the rights of all human beings while promoting the “right” to kill an unborn child?  Leave us your thoughts.



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