This School’s Latest LGBT Policy Opens Up Children To Sexual Assault

Little children used to be able to go to school with some sense of privacy while using the restroom.

It was a given – children used the restroom corresponding to their biological sex, and never had to worry about sharing a bathroom with a child of the opposite gender.

But a dangerous new precedent is taking place across the country, and moms everywhere need to be on the lookout for the latest LGBT attack on their children.

Make no mistake, LGBT activists are targeting children, and it’s worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Even worse, they are grooming them at a young age to accept and follow the LGBT agenda.

Their latest ploy is adopting “gender-neutral bathrooms” at elementary schools.

Yes, this school is forcing girls and boys to use the same restroom, as some claim children don’t “know what gender they are.”

LifeSite News reported:

“Teachers and other staff can be able to supervise in this open space” for washing hands, Rising Hill Elementary School Principal Kate Place said. “It increases supervision for students and increases safety and privacy.” District officials did not specify whether an adult staffer will be required to monitor the restrooms at all times.

“You just don’t know what gender a kid might identify as,” Melanie Austin, the mother of a first-grade girl, said in support of the new bathrooms. “This helps everyone to feel comfortable, accepted.”

But it doesn’t help everyone feel accepted.

It terrorizes young children, who already have enough difficulties to face in the school system.

While some claim the new bathrooms are “safe” because the stalls are fully enclosed, nothing could be further from the truth.

Red State reported:

“Yeah — nothing bad can happen here.

Well, unless a guy pushes a girl into the stall, locks the door, and assaults her.

Or unless a guy a exposes himself to a girl.

Or unless girls are humiliated by having to go to the bathroom with boys listening.

Or unless boys are humiliated by having to go to the bathroom with girls listening.”

Every adult should be afforded the privacy of using a bathroom related to their gender, and children are no exception!

How will the school explain if an elementary school girl is pushed into the stall and sexually assaulted by a boy?

The consequences are truly life and death.

Children are impressionable, and they are vulnerable.

Educators should be protecting them from exposure to the perverse culture, not giving them front-row access.

Moms, take note.

If you send your child to school, stay on top of the policies and procedures being implemented, and if your child is being exposed to the LGBT agenda, remove them.

It’s not worth the psychological damage these children will experience later on in life, after being thrust into the middle of the perverse LGBT agenda.

LGBT activists need to back off our children.

Their obsession with targeting innocent children with their twisted agenda is unconscionable, but sadly they won’t stop.

Which is why now more than ever, conservatives need to stand up and speak up for America’s children, before it’s too late.

What are your thoughts on the “gender-neutral” bathrooms?

Should girls and boys should be forced to share the same bathrooms?

Do you think having boys and girls share the same bathroom increases the risk of sexual assault?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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