This Unbelievable Order Shows Just How Afraid States Are of Losing Control Over Our Children

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash


The last few weeks of summer have not been reminiscent of those in the past – the last carefree days before returning the kids to school with reliable routines and expectations.

No, this year, because of the continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many parents have had no idea how school is going to look this year as many districts move to a hybrid schedule of in-person and virtual classes.

But if you have gotten used to being more involved in your child’s education in recent months, some school districts have an unwelcome request awaiting parents.

With increased government control over our public schools and rampant indoctrination in progressive ideology replacing actual academics, many parents have become concerned over their child’s education.

Before the pandemic hit, many parents were already feeling the stress of increased class sizes, cuts to the arts and physical education, and a rise in LGBT propaganda curricula that many schools were not allowing parents to opt their children out of.

With all that has happened to public education in recent years, it should probably come as no surprise that schools are not looking forward to conducting online classes under parents’ watchful eyes.

The Tennessee Department of Education has become the first – but no doubt the last – public school system to discourage parents from participating in their child’s virtual learning from home.

Incredibly, Rutherford County Schools are asking parents to sign a written agreement stating that they will not be present during their child’s virtual meeting times.

It’s unbelievable – and has sinister implications.

This is just another step in the state’s plan under Governor Bill Lee to trample on parental rights and take control of education.

Governor Lee recently appointed advisors to a “COVID-19 Child Well-Being Task Force,” in which district “designees” will conduct “monthly child wellbeing calls and report on the completion of child wellbeing checks for students,” according to the Tennessee Department of Education.

If it sounds like we are losing our God-given freedom and authority to parent our children as we wish, that’s because it’s been slowly happening for years.  And the pandemic has taken a bit of control away from school districts due to children staying closer to home.

It’s something they won’t tolerate — and their response is shockingly similar to frightening scenarios described decades ago in novels by George Orwell warning of a totalitarian control over families.

Homeschool families have been living under this cloud of fear for decades.  Although homeschooling has become increasingly accepted and popular, most states still require that parents ask “permission” in the form of approval granted by school districts to teach our own children.

Rutherford County Schools, like others, are covering up their true intentions of the purpose of the written agreement by claiming it “protects” children who are away from school for an extended period of time and may be suffering from abuses in the home.

They go on to defend the agreement “because these meetings will occur virtually RCS is limited in its ability to fully control certain factors such as non-student observers that may be present in the home of a student participating in the virtual meeting,” the form states.

The word “control” is worth paying attention to because that is exactly what these school districts want — control over how our children are educated and the material they are taught.

Material that has increasingly indoctrinated our nation’s children as part of the progressive agenda of grooming the next generation of the innocent to adopt their beliefs.

The form states that “non-student observation of online meetings” is dangerous because of the “potential of confidential information about a child being revealed.”

As if there should ever be any information withheld from a parent in regard to their own child.

This is just the next step toward tyranny, in which governments erode our rights in order to quietly take control away from citizens who buy the propaganda that we should “temporarily” give these rights up “for our own safety.”

But parents should not go quietly into the night when it comes to having absolute authority over what their children are learning and how they are taught.

Every parent should take this as a dire warning.  Tennessee will certainly not be the only state to implement “well-being” checks or ask parents to turn the other way so the state can take charge.

For if we lose more ground with our own children, there is indeed little hope for the future.