Tragic: Citizens Dance In The Streets At The Ability To Kill More Unborn Babies

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Jumping on the pro-abort bandwagon, Argentina voted to legalize abortion up to 14 weeks in pregnancy.

But as pro-lifers wept at the future loss of innocent life – a bizarre scene took place throughout the local neighborhoods.

Instead of weeping and mourning in the streets – Argentinians were dancing and celebrating outside their homes – and you won’t believe why.

As it turns out – pro-abort women were ecstatic at the new law which allows women to slay their own babies.

They celebrated with music and colored smoke – as if they were celebrating a holiday.

There were tears of joy and hugs all around – all because babies are now allowed to be killed at the hands of brutal abortionists.

The Guardian reported:

“Women screamed with delight, sweeping their friends into tight hugs and jumping in ecstasy. Many wept tears of joy. Victory music kicked in and green smoke filled the air. A triumphant message flashed up on a big screen above the joyful crowd: “We did it!” it said. “ES LEY!” (IT’S LAW!).

“I’m very emotional,” said 25-year-old Melany Marcati, who was among the celebrators. “There are no words to describe what your body feels after fighting for something for so long. I cried a lot, which I wasn’t expecting.”

As if it isn’t bad enough more unborn babies are guaranteed to die – it’s tragic residents actually rejoice in the killing of innocent life.

Talk about a clear case of calling evil good.

The president of Argentina joined in on the celebration by tweeting out:

“Safe, legal and free abortion is law. I promised to do so on election campaign days. Today we are a better society that expands rights to women and guarantees public health.”

Truly, this is a sad day for Argentina, as they join the rest of the world in glorifying abortion.

A similar scene happened in New York City when the One World Trade Center was lit up pink after a law allowed women to kill their babies up until delivery.

Pro-lifers were right all along – these campaigns have nothing to do with “women’s rights” and everything to do with pushing a deranged campaign.

Pro-aborts have taken their fight to legalize abortion all around the world.

Who could forget when Ireland voted to kill unborn babies?

Or Iceland who prides themselves on ending the life of babies with Down syndrome?

But as abortion continues to become legal around the world – there are still victories to celebrate.

Cruel abortionists like the one who bragged about cutting vocal cords of babies was suspended.

Life-saving pregnancy centers are performing ultrasounds – causing moms to choose life and not follow through with their scheduled abortion.

One thing is clear – pro-lifers will never give up fighting for unborn babies.

But the battle is certainly uphill, especially here in America with the most pro-abortion administration in history gearing up to lead our nation.

May God help us.

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