TV Show Drama Aborts Baby With Down Syndrome Fueling Hatred Of Babies With Special Needs

Photo from JumpStory


Producers know they have the attention of millions around the world when they craft a storyline for their latest TV show.

Sadly, many use the fame to further promote a pro-abort agenda as if abortion is something which should be “normalized.”

The latest attack on life came when the TV show Emmerdale introduced a storyline of a woman finding out she was pregnant with a baby with Down syndrome – and how she responds to the news is sure to infuriate you.

The story shows a pregnant couple who is at first excited to be pregnant, but once they undergo a chorionic villus sampling test – their excitement turned to despair.

Results from the test reveal their baby was to be born with Down syndrome.

But instead of continuing on with their pregnancy – they decide to have an abortion and end the life of an innocent baby – just because the baby would be born with special needs.

Of course, this type of reaction continues to tell the world babies with Down syndrome are not worth having – when nothing could be further from the truth.

The show received backlash, but still refused to alter the storyline.

BBC reported:

“Wendy O’Carroll, the founder of support charity Ups and Downs Southwest, voiced her concerns in an open letter to Emmerdale which was widely shared on Facebook.

“Your proposed story will further serve to encourage and confirm the opinion that ending the life of a baby just because it has Down syndrome is perfectly acceptable and understandable because maybe it would be better if fewer people ‘like them’ were in the world,” she said.

“Have you considered for even a moment, how children and adults with Down syndrome who follow your programme will react to two of their favourite characters discovering excitedly that they are to have a baby, and then deciding to terminate the life of that child because it has Down syndrome?”

Emmerdale could have crafted the storyline as an opportunity to have the pregnant mom choose life – showing the world the value of every human being.

Instead, they used it to further normalize abortion, especially in the cases of children with special needs.

Every child is a gift from God, regardless if they have special needs or medical health conditions.

Yet callously, so many women become angry when they find out their baby will have Down syndrome – causing babies to be aborted all over the world.

The pro-life movement must continue to speak out against abortion at every level – and not stand for the slaying of innocent lives.

And with the onslaught of movies and shows which continue to normalize abortion, now more than ever babies need someone to speak up for them.

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