Victory! Christian Students Win War Against LGBT Activists

College campuses across the country are a breeding ground for LGBT activists to fire up college kids to adopt pro-LGBT policies.

And sadly, Christian students are often accused of being “discriminatory” simply for not accepting same-sex relationships.

But when one Christian college decided to side with LGBT activists, a major backlash occurred and you won’t believe the end result.

Azusa Pacific University (APU) is known for their traditional beliefs, including promoting heterosexual relationships, and encouraging students to refrain from sexual activity until marriage.

APU has a Students Standards Of Contact which clearly forbids same-sex relationships.

But recently, this language was removed, which provided a temporary victory for LGBT activists.

LGBT students claim they can be in a same-sex relationship, without being sexually intimate.

LifeSite News reported:

“Queer students are just as able to have romanticized relationships that abide by APU’s rules,” APU graduate Erin Green, co-executive director of the LGBT “Christian” group Brave Commons, told the paper. “The code used falsely assumed that same-sex romances always involved sexual behavior. This stigmatization causes harm to our community, especially those serious about their Christian faith.”

But Green is missing the point – APU is a Christian college – and the Bible is 100 percent clear that relationships are meant to be between one man and one woman.

There is no grey in this area, despite progressive Christians attempting to rewrite the word of God.

Even more demeaning, APU is considering the idea of making “safe spaces” for “gender confused” students.

If a grown college student is confused about their gender, they need counseling, not a safe space.

Thankfully, after receiving backlash APU changed its tune.

LifeSite News continued:

“On September 28, the APU Board of Trustees released a statement announcing that it had not approved the revised language and the “original wording has been reinstated.” Student newspaper Zu Media clarifies that the previous change had been approved by the administrative board, but not the trustees.

“We affirm God’s perfect will and design for humankind with the biblical understanding of the marriage covenant as between one man and one woman. Outside of marriage, He calls His people to abstinence,” the trustees declared. “We pledge to boldly uphold biblical values and not waver in our Christ-centered mission.”

But while APU was able to reaffirm its traditional values, the battle is far from over.

LGBT activists are slowly taking over college campuses with their perverse agenda.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, some schools have even forced “coed rooms” allowing “transgender” students to share dorms with other teens.

However, there are also stories of Christians winning the battle against LGBT activists!

As LGBT activists continue to force their way into college campuses, now more than ever conservatives must speak out.

Silence will not work.

And every inch LGBT activists gain, they’ll take it one step further.

What are your thoughts on having “safe spaces” for gender confused students?

Do you agree with APU’s decision to uphold their traditional Christian values?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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