Warning: The “Family Friendly” Film You Should Not Take Your Kids To See

The indoctrination of our children seems to be “priority number one” of the radical left.

They see our youth as the means to cement their agenda and keep it growing through future generations to the point of eradicating any remnant of traditional values.

Children’s entertainment has often been used as a secret weapon to spread liberal propaganda, and now another disturbing message is hidden in what is being billed as a “family film.”

The live-action film Show Dogs portrays talking dogs dressing up and making jokes – every kid’s idea of a must-see.  Its premise is the behind-the-scenes antics of the world of dog shows.

But parents who have viewed the film are warning others – do not take your kids to see this movie.

The plot seems innocent enough:  When a new dog, Max, enters a competition, the other dogs teach him about the dog show lifestyle and what is expected of him, with lots of silliness along the way.

But along with the grooming and behavioral tricks Max must learn, he is told that part of the judging involves touching and inspecting his private parts.

Max is obviously upset about this — and this is where the dark message of the film emerges.

Terina Maldonado reviewed the film for Macaroni Kid, and explains the blatant and obscene message, as reported by For Every Mom:

Max, of course, is  NOT cool with this, and when his partner Frank and a former champion show dog try to get him to accept this process, a certain dark and very dangerous theme for kids emerges. Maldonado explains:

“Since the inspection of the private parts will happen in the finals, Frank touches Max’s private parts to get him used to it.  Of course, Max doesn’t like it and snaps at Frank for him to stop.  Max is then told by the former champion, who has been through the process before, that he needs to go to his “zen place” while it happens so he can get through it.  More attempts are made by Frank to touch Max’s private parts, but Max is still having trouble letting it happen and keeps snapping at him.”

Max needs to get it together, see, and LET PEOPLE TOUCH HIS PRIVATE PARTS, or he might lose the competition and fail at his mission…

Newsflash, folks: THIS IS CALLED GROOMING and it’s what sexual predators do to kids!

It is bad enough that kids are seeing the discomfort that Max experiences at the idea of having his private parts touched.  But then, Max is encouraged by other characters to go to his “zen place” so he can mentally escape the discomfort.

This shameful scene smacks of what child predators tell their victims.  They are encouraged to keep the secret and mentally go to a “safe place” to avoid dealing with the abuse.

Maldonado describes another disturbing scene in the film:

The day of the finals come and if Max doesn’t let his private parts be touched, he may lose the competition…It all rests on his ability to let someone touch his private parts.  The judge’s hands slowly reach behind Max and he goes to his “zen place”.  He’s flying through the sky, dancing with his partner, there are fireworks and flowers – everything is great – all while someone is touching his private parts.

During the movie, I kept thinking, “This is wrong, it doesn’t need to be in a kids’ movie. Everything else in the movie is good fun except for this.”  Afterward, my husband mentioned that he picked up on this message too, as did my mother who saw the movie with us.

This sickening message buried in a supposedly lighthearted film for families is typical of the left’s push to indoctrinate our kids.

And while the liberal agenda is often hidden in children’s programming, this message is particularly frightening.  It seems to say, “even if it bothers you, sometimes you have to let someone touch you inappropriately.”

Maldonado is first and foremost putting the warning out for families to avoid taking their children to see Show Dogs.

But if they have already seen it because you weren’t aware of the content, she advises using it as a teaching moment for kids – making sure they know to never let anyone touch their private areas, and what they should do if it ever happens.

Maldonado concludes in her Macaroni Kid review:

We talked about how I didn’t feel that part needed to be in the movie.  We talked about how we never let anyone touch our private parts, what they should do if anyone tries.  We reinforced that if anyone tries to touch their private parts or asks them to touch their private parts they should talk to us about that.  We talked about different ways children can feel pressured to participate in those types of behaviors.  A child predator is usually known to the child, rarely are they a stranger.  We talked about bribes or threats, we discussed the fact that that type of behavior is not a game, we reminded them the same rules apply to kids as well as adults.

It boggles the mind how anyone who worked on this film would not immediately realize how inappropriate – and dangerous – this message is for children.

It is nothing new for the far-left in Hollywood to sneak their progressive message into every film that is produced, but to brainwash children to accept a dangerous situation is beyond comprehension.

Gone are the days of truly pure family entertainment – parents must now be on heightened alert for any underlying messages being sent to our children through their favorite television shows or in the latest “family” film.

What do you think of the disturbing message hidden in a movie marketed as “family friendly?”  Have you seen Show Dogs, and if so, did you discuss these scenes with your children?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.



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