Warning: The Left’s Biggest Ally Targets Our Kids With A New Ad Campaign

It is a very frightening time to parent a teenager these days, especially if you are working to foster traditional values in your teen.

Public schools have become indoctrination centers that provide mandatory left-wing sexual education programs that parents are not always able to opt their child out of.

And now, the worst offender against the sanctity of family and women who wish to live by the Christian values they have been taught is promoting a sick campaign to undermine it all.

It is no secret that Planned Parenthood is the most well-known advocate of progressive propaganda and an organizing arm for many left-wing organizations promoting immoral behavior to our teens – and even young children.

Activist Mommy recently reported on the findings of an advocate at LifeWay Social, where a disgusting ad campaign targeting our teens was uncovered.

Earlier this year, it was mandated that political ads posted on social media sites like Facebook were to be made available in a searchable archive.

And it was here that LifeWay’s Chris Martin uncovered dozens of Planned Parenthood posts – but one, in particular, makes every parent’s skin crawl.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) has promoted a petition blasting abstinence education that features a picture of a condom on a banana with a caption that reads “Sex is hot – bad sex ed is not.”

“Having sex? You deserve sex ed!” is another recurring tagline throughout the series. Analytical data shows that teenaged girls were the targeted demographic.

Not only is the abortion giant encouraging teens to become sexually active, they are campaigning that teens should experiment for sexual pleasure.

And it gets even more disturbing from there.  Planned Parenthood’s sexual education curriculums are used in many of our nation’s schools starting in kindergarten – and parents often have no idea what material is being covered.

They begin by explaining on their website that abstinence-only sex-ed does not work.  In their minds, kids are going to have sex, so why not use it to their advantage?

This information comes in the form of materials with disturbing content where educators follow Planned Parenthood’s curriculum model to teach dangerous and degrading behavior.

And it was found that Planned Parenthood counselors take it one sickening step further by teaching sexual experimentation techniques that include bondage and violence. The videos were recorded by an undercover team at the pro-life group, Live Action.

Planned Parenthood counselors in one video even tell an undercover actor that “a young girl using words such as “stop” when she is uncomfortable “can get mixed up.” A second counselor concurs: “Usually, a lot of people will say ‘stop’ even though it feels good, so that’s usually not something that is used,” according to the Daily Signal.

A portion of federal funds (paid by taxpayers) is earmarked for the so-called “sexual education programs” that Planned Parenthood provides schools across America.  The abortion giant receives over half a billion dollars a year for their “services.”

One school district even found while researching statistical outcomes on their sexual education curriculum that the four million dollar grant Planned Parenthood received for their “educational” services in this district showed higher outcomes of teen pregnancy than another sex-ed programs previously used.

It is obvious that Planned Parenthood wants our teens to have sex.  It is, after all, how they stay in business.  They manipulate and indoctrinate our kids to think that sexual experimentation and promiscuity is the norm — teens then get pregnant and turn to Planned Parenthood for help, they advise an abortion and keep the evil cycle going like a well-oiled machine.

In addition to their targeting of teens, Planned Parenthood has a plan to indoctrinate our youngest children in order to raise them up with the “anything goes” mentality of the left and make them future clients.

Kids as young as five are taught about the meaning of abortion in kindergarten, as well as being introduced to topics like masturbation and alternative lifestyles.  In kindergarten!

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One parent told the Daily Signal that his twelve-year-old daughter came home extremely upset one day from school because of what she was taught in her sex-ed class.

“They told her that if she was into fishing and wearing athletic gear, or playing basketball, that those were boy things. And that would mean that she was a boy inside and that she was gay.” Peterson added, “They’re discriminating… against her identity…. Twenty out of 32 pages [of the curriculum provided by Planned Parenthood] are generated to gender identity. It’s heavily weighted towards that. It’s biased toward that.”

It is sickening that our children are being subjected to this material in their schools.  And it is shocking that one company full of so much vitriol against traditional values has so much power over so much of our nation.

As for the Facebook ad campaign promoting sexual pleasure and experimentation to teen girls, Chris Martin says they may be violating the law.  Facebook stipulates that condoms cannot be advertised for “pleasure” and are not to be marketed to children under the age of 18.

It remains to be seen what, if anything, may be done about this sickening ad campaign.  But Planned Parenthood always seems to skate by without following the law in their mission to stand against life and values.

And with evidence proving that Facebook has been biased against conservative organizations and ideals in the past, the ad will likely continue to be available to brainwash our young girls.

What do you think of Planned Parenthood’s sickening “hot sex” campaign ad targeting our teenage girls?  What are your thoughts on the progressive indoctrination they are spreading in our schools – funded by the taxpayers?  Leave us your comments.