What I Want My Children To Know This Election Day

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We live in an incredible nation founded on personal freedoms and liberties.

The greatest of these is the right to vote and have a say in how we are governed.

This Election Day, while the eyes of adults across the nation are on the ballots, the eyes of our little ones are on us. What will they see?

It’s no secret to my friends and family that taking an active role in politics and voting is important to me.

I have lost Facebook friends because of my stances and I make no apologies for them.

This passion is one reason I took the job of editor of Mommy Underground.

It is our duty as mothers to raise the next generation of American citizens and to instill the values so many have given their lives for.

For many, “the right to vote,” is an inconvenience or hassle at best. It is a card they play only when a candidate they dislike comes along.

I recently saw a iamavoter.com meme on Facebook that said, “If 50% of voters vote this November, it would be the highest midterm turnout in a century.” How sad is that?

Voting goes beyond a right, it is a duty. It is our duty as Americans to ensure our government upholds our values and does not fall into the hands of tyrannical leaders.

Our founders risked everything to stand up to tyranny and they expected the citizens of the country they created to do the same.

So how do we raise our children to see voting for what it is?

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