White House Memo Is A Game Changer For Immigration Policy

Trump has been strong in his promises to reform the country’s legislation to protect our borders.

The Obama administration set Americans up for disaster, and one way they did that was by initiating immigration laws that put people in danger.

One of the most debatable, and ineffective policies to United States security, is the prosecutorial discretion policies of 2011; commonly called the “catch and release” policy. But its days have been numbered.

It has been known for some time that the implementation of the prosecutorial discretion policies has led many criminals who are undocumented citizens to be set free and to never be charged for their crimes.

The current administration actually takes it seriously when broken legislation causes streets to be unsafe and our citizenship mocked.

The Daily Wire reported:

The Administration wasted no time in making good on big planned changes to U.S. immigration enforcement policy, issuing a memo late Friday ending the so-called “catch-and-release” policy that allowed illegal immigrants to avoid detention while they await a court ruling on their legal status.

The White House reports that the program allowed illegal immigrants to “exploit” the American asylum system, even if they weren’t eligible for protected status, according to The New York Times.”

President Trump wants to see this memo enforced immediately. It is stated within the memo that the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, and Health and Human Services are to “report to the President” on how they have followed through, according to The Daily Wire.

The departments addressed were asked to look into any facilities they may have that could house illegal immigrants after they make an asylum claim, instead of releasing them into the U.S. to await the results.

This would ensure that the claims were legitimate, and legal status was pursued if needed.

The situation in Mexico right now where the caravan of over 1,000 people, mostly from Honduras, are heading to the United States border will be greatly affected by the White House memo.

As previously reported by Mommy Underground, these people are looking to seek asylum or cross into the country illegally.

Before this powerful modification to previous immigration approaches was announced, shocking statistics proved Obama’s utter lack of concern to put America first.

The Center for Immigration Studies reported on the dire situation caused by the “catch and release” policy the last president implemented and enforced:

A review of internal ICE metrics for 2013 reveals that hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens who were identified in the interior of the country were released instead of removed under the administration’s sweeping “prosecutorial discretion” guidelines. In 2013, ICE reported 722,000 encounters with potentially deportable aliens, most of whom came to their attention after incarceration for a local arrest. Yet ICE officials followed through with immigration charges for only 195,000 of these aliens, only about one-fourth. According to ICE personnel, the vast majority of these releases occurred because of current policies that shield most illegal aliens from enforcement, not because the aliens turned out to have legal status or were qualified to stay in the United States.

In 2013, ICE agents released 68,000 aliens with criminal convictions, or 35 percent of all criminal aliens they reported encountering.

Interior enforcement activity has already declined 40 percent since the imposition of “prosecutorial discretion” policies in 2011. Rather than accelerating this decline, there is an urgent need to review and reverse the public safety and fiscal harm cause by the president’s policies.”

Thankfully Trump is stopping this detrimental trend. He is not afraid to lose a few friends in order to make sure that our citizenship is a thing to be honored.

When illegal immigrants with a criminal background are released into American society they tend to migrate toward sanctuary cities, and low-income areas.

This increases crime in those areas, and puts strain on other families while putting them in harm’s way.

The generation that is seeking an illegal stay here in the United States is bringing up children who think it is okay to reside within the country without abiding by the laws, and that you should do anything to get what you want.

The entitlement already present among citizens can only be exacerbated by this negative influence.

While the White House was issuing the memo to end the “catch and release” program, the Defense Department (DOD) was simultaneously moving forward with border protection.

The DOD summoned “up to 4,000 National Guard troops to the southern border to assist in immigration enforcement”, according to The Daily Wire.

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Unlike California and their disregard for law and order, Texas and Arizona said they would follow the president’s directive and deploy troops to the border.

The Daily Wire reported:

The White House clearly hopes that Americans will consider these efforts significant in addressing the illegal immigration problem, but also says they are only the first salvo in an all-out war against border jumpers.”

As more immigration policies are presented by the administration in coming days, we should see serious attention being brought to the underestimated situation our country is in.

Thousands of people illegally enter the country because they know that they can make a living without abiding by the laws set forth.

Our legislation has been put into place by elected officials as part of the constitutional order of this nation.

To neglect the foundation of the country you claim to want to be a part of is hypocritical.

Please let us know in the comments section how you think the White House memo is going to affect immigration, and if you think the current status of inhabitants will change.

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