Wicked School Curriculum Asks Children To “Role Play” Transgender Sexual Scenarios

Photo by Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc on Flickr.com


It’s no secret LGBT activists are determined to push kids to adopt their agenda – but this time they’ve hit a new low – even for them.

At a school in Minnesota, teachers decided to use a warped curriculum that had teens role-playing different sexual scenarios, including playing the role of straight, gay, and “transgender” individuals.

And once you hear what these impressionable kids are being taught, you’re bound to be horrified.

Several leftist schools are jumping on board the “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) – bandwagon – hoping to ram through their radical agenda.

And at one Minnesota school, teachers used a curriculum designed by Advocates for Youth – a group that teams up with Planned Parenthood.

You know, anytime Planned Parenthood is involved in designing teaching material… we’re all in trouble.

The latest lesson wanted to teach kids how to be sexually active, placing them in different situations with scripts on how to respond.

Members of the Child Protection League recently spoke at a school board meeting, sharing their displeasure and anger on how parents were kept in the dark about what their children were being taught.

Alpha News reported:

“This type of teaching has no place in our schools,” one speaker said, while another alleged that the district was not transparent with parents about the graphic nature of the curriculum. “Parents are intentionally being deceived and misled about what their children are being taught,” she said.”

So just how bad is the material being taught to these children?

We will spare you the grotesque details of what these young kids were asked to do – but here is an example of one of the “role playing” scenarios these children were asked to act out:

“Sydney is a trans girl who has a big crush on Zee. Both are free thinkers who don’t like

labels. Sydney and Zee have been hanging out together for a few weeks and enjoy a lot of

the same things. It’s clear that they’re attracted to each other, but they’ve never kissed or

touched. Plan a role-play in which Sydney talks with Zee about having sex and they make a



Teachers actually have the audacity to think teaching kids to be sexually active and to practice responding to sexual invitations is sexual education.

How about teaching kids if they are pressured or approached regarding sexual matters to immediately contact their parents and/or a trusted adult?

That would save lives.

It’s no wonder parents are yanking their children out of public schools!

The script goes on to tell the teens the characteristics of the people they are acting out – and it just gets worse and worse.

One scenario describes Sydney as someone who was “assigned male at birth” but never “identified as a boy or man.” Zee was “assigned female” at birth but hates stereotypes of girls and identifies as “genderqueer” … whatever that even means!

Of course, if children object to the “transgender” role – they’re asked to reflect on “why” they are having an issue with being “homophobic.”

Alpha News continues:

“Should this happen in your class, it’s important to stop what you are doing, notice the interaction, and ask for the class members to reflect on what’s happening and why. Direct the students back to your class ground rules — and reinforce the agreement to be respectful — and that making homophobic comments is not respectful,” the curriculum reads.”

But with Biden encouraging “transgender” ideology in our schools – this type of “teaching” is bound to become the new norm.

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