Woman Who Had Multiple Abortions Boasts About Her “Best One Ever”

The sad reality is, many women are using abortion as a “birth control” method.

This allows them to be promiscuous and or have unprotected sex without having to have the responsibility of a baby.

But a sickening new trend involves women actually boasting about their abortions, and you won’t believe their callous statements.

Mommy Underground previously reported about the woman who had more than 17 abortions – and even her own doctor told her it was maybe a bit too much.

Or the woman who “thanked” her own babies for “choosing her” – right before she took their lives.

And of course who could forget Teen Vogue – telling teens to “shout their abortions” – as if murdering unborn babies is something to be proud of .

The trend of making abortion seem like the “cool thing” to do is maddening, and heartbreaking.

But yet again, a liberal so-called “feminist” decided to write a story rating her abortions.

This woman had four abortions, and she writes about them casually like murdering babies is no big deal.

The article kicks off with her describing how she thought taking the abortion pill would be no big deal.

New York’s Magazine The Cut reported:

“In January, I had decided to terminate with RU-486, the abortion pill. I got in my car, drove up to Chico to get my prescription, and came home. I didn’t stress about it. I figured I’d get some spaghetti and some maxi pads and stay home for a night, watch a season of something, texting people, “I’m having a friggin’ abortion, ikr, argh,” and I’d wake up not pregnant. While I’m happy that medical science has come up with a way for women to end unwanted pregnancies in the comfort of their own homes, my experience with RU-486 wasn’t anything like the fantasy described above.”

Then she goes on to describe how it was physically painful and she bled and had cramps (which apparently upset her since she wanted to just stay home and watch TV eating spaghetti as her baby died).

Downplaying the abortion of an innocent baby is heart wrenching.

Abortion after abortion, this woman went on to describe the “inconvenience” she experienced as her baby died.

Life News reported:

“In 2011, for her third abortion, Miller took the abortion pill which, she described, “covered all the bases of physical misery: I bled. I was nauseous. I had cramps. I could not get comfortable. I couldn’t read. I couldn’t watch TV. I could only thrash around and fail to imagine ever feeling better.”

After that terrible experience with RU-486, she found herself pregnant again – for the fourth time in her life and the second time that year – and decided on a surgical aspiration abortion.

Miller was going to go under general anesthesia but the abortion facility receptionist assured her, “We’ve gotten wayyyyyy better at abortions,” and “The woman who works on Tuesdays is amazing.”

And then the woman goes on to describe her 4th abortion.

Apparently the abortion clinic worker told her the woman who would be performing her abortion was “amazing”, and once the abortion was done the young woman agreed and agreed it was her “best abortion ever.”

Best abortion ever?

As if ranking babies being ripped from their mother’s womb is some sort of contest?

Because this woman experienced the least amount of “discomfort” –apparently this abortion was the most successful.

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The blatant callous and cold disregard for life is truly unthinkable.

But as more and more women buy into the myth that abortion is something normal and acceptable, sadly this trend will only continue.

What are your thoughts about this woman ranking her abortions calling her most recent one her “best abortion ever”?

Why do you think so many women buy into the lie that abortion is empowering for women?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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