You Won’t Believe What Is Causing The Latest “Transgender” Children Surge

Children are having their innocence ripped from them, and it’s worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Recent reports show a tragic new trend sweeping through the world, and it is truly destroying the lives of children.

Even worse the level of “transgender” transitions has skyrocketed to a number that will leave you speechless, and you won’t believe who is behind it.

To start with, children are impressionable.

They are easily molded or swayed by the likes of popular culture.

And these days, a child can’t even turn on the TV without having the LGBT agenda thrown in their face.

Love Stories” are being written showing the “beauty” of “transgender” families.

And if anyone dares to speak out against the LGBT agenda, they are labeled as intolerable of others.

But the fact of the matter is, LGBT activists don’t want to just live a quiet life of peace.

They will not stop until their way of life is forced upon the world.

And even more terrifying, they are targeting children.

One would think mothers would rise up in protest to stop the “transgender” assault on children.

And while many are, there is an even more dangerous trend taking place – some parents are actually supporting and condoning the “transition” of their children.

Mothers, grown adults, are making the decision to give their 8-year-old child sex altering hormones.

Allowing a child to go through a “sex change” is flat out child abuse.

But LGBT activists smile because their plan is working.

In the UK, the amount of children seeking sex changes has increased by 4000 percent!

This is outrageous, and a warning at just how far our culture has spiraled to a path of no return.

According to the UK’s The Telegraph, between 2017-2018, over 1,806 girls have been referred to doctors for “gender treatment.”

This compares to a total of only 40 girls between 2009-2010.

But what could be causing such a massive increase?

Experts think it has everything to do with the influx of social media.

And as a result, we are truly losing our children.

Children don’t need “gender treatment.”

And the parents who allow their child to undergo such life-altering changes need counseling just as much as their children.

LifeSite News reported:

“A recent study found that almost two thirds of children and teenagers who say they want to change sex have previously been diagnosed with serious mental health disorders,” continues the report. “There are concerns among some doctors that children are being given hormone treatments without due consideration of the long-term side effects, which can include infertility and osteoporosis.”

As Mommy Underground previously reported, many doctors are choosing to perform irreversible surgeries on healthy young girls.

And if more conservatives don’t speak up and put a stop to this, the LGBT agenda will continue to infiltrate and poison young minds.

What are your thoughts on the 4,000 percent increase in children referred to for sex changes?

What do you think can be done to stop the perverse LGBT assault on our children?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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