You Won’t Believe What “Life-Saving” Programs These Schools Are Adopting

By now, parents are well aware of the progressive agenda that has infiltrated public schools across the country.

Our classrooms, beginning as early as kindergarten, have become indoctrination centers for alternate lifestyles and sexual immorality.

Now one Department of Education official is making claims about new “life-saving” policies to be introduced this school year – and you won’t believe what they are.

Chancellor Richard Carranza of the New York City Department of Education did indeed make the claim that a new multi-million-dollar education investment is “potentially life-saving.”

But funds are not going towards skills that one might associate with saving lives.  Instead, he is referring to new progressive policies that help kids from “feeling alienated for being gay.”

Carranza wants, among other things, to make it a priority to teach children about famous homosexual figures who have made an impact on history.

LBGT websites – with little proof — claim that many famous figures like William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Benjamin Franklin, and countless others were homosexual.

By taking historical writings out of context and giving them a leftist spin, the LGBT community has adopted dozens of historical figures as mascots for their agenda.

And now, public schools are focusing more on the sexual orientation of our most famous historical figures than on their accomplishments.

Carranza says that he was inspired to bring more funding and focus on the LGBT community in schools because his brother is homosexual, and he wanted to prevent other children from the “loneliness” that he feels impacted his brother at a young age.

He believes, like many on the left, that additional programs will prevent bullying and promote acceptance of LGBT students in their schools, presumably the “life-saving” he is referring to.  And he wants all public school children to learn about historical figures that were homosexual (as decided by the left) so students who identify as such don’t feel alone.

Carranza remarks that

“We are failing our young people if we don’t give them safe spaces to discover their identity and feel comfortable sharing the truest version of themselves.”

But what is really going on is an escalation of the already progressive material that has been forced upon public schools in recent years.  Carranza wants to take the indoctrination one step further and has many other officials jumping on his bandwagon.

The 24-million-dollar Health Ed Works Program for New York City Schools includes the city’s first Sexual Health Education Task Force.

The New York Department of Education’s website states that:

The Task Force is composed of a diverse set of individuals and includes students; educators; a principal; a school psychologist; parents; sexual health education experts; experts in the field of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and gender non-conforming health education; and representatives from the Department of Education…

It also includes several glowing recommendations for the initiative – by other left-wing school administrators.

The purpose of education has become so twisted in recent years that it is more about pushing an agenda than teaching academics.

And school administrators accept these changes by falling prey to the left’s bullying tactics.

Activist Mommy comments on a startling fact:

What they fail to connect is that before LGBT education was taught in schools, before the Bible and prayer and any mention of basic American or Judeo-Christian values were scrubbed from the school books, suicide rates, bullying rates, and school shooting rates were much, much lower.

That’s because children were taught that human life was sacred and how to behave like decent, civilized people. In fact, that was the point of education.

Instead, in their quest to rid the world of traditional values and Christianity, the left is leading our children on a dangerous path of confusion and upside-down social norms that can only lead to catastrophe.

Some school districts no longer allow parents to opt their children out of progressive sexual education classes, and now, curriculum pushing LGBT acceptance is being introduced into core academics like history, language arts, and even math.

For parents who cannot afford private school or are unable to homeschool, we must fight the rising tide of this agenda in our schools any way we can by attending school board meetings and voicing our fervent opposition to this indoctrination.

What do you think of the millions of taxpayer dollars that are going towards indoctrinating our children in the name of a small percentage of gender-confused students?  Leave us your comments.




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