You Won’t Believe What Public Schools Are Now Doing Behind Parents’ Backs

Our personal freedoms are in danger like never before.

And one of the greatest God-given freedoms we have is our authority to raise our children with our values and in-line with our belief systems.

So you’ll be furious over these particularly shocking examples of government overreach that is affecting our children.

Whatever your medical beliefs may be, it is up to every parent to make the best decisions possible for their own child’s health and well-being.

Many of us have children in public school and are well-aware of the increasing indoctrination being forced on our kids as part of the progressive agenda.

But there’s one place in our schools we might not think about when it comes to this agenda – and it’s not in our classrooms. 

It’s at the nurse’s office or campus clinic.

The Atlantic reports that students in nearly 2,000 U.S. schools now have access to free health services through what’s known as an SBHC – School-Based Health Center.

These centers are funded by state governments or federal grants with the intention of providing basic health services to students whose families may not be able to afford them.

But there’s a dark side to all of this, as one mom found out.

According to ABC 15, Nicole Lambert’s 16-year-old daughter was having headaches and pain in her arm.  Lambert took her to see their family pediatrician, but nothing could prepare her for what she heard.

Her daughter had an infection that was caused by an improperly inserted birth control IUD – that her daughter received at school.

Unbelievable as it sounds, a school nurse was able to dispense birth control to her minor daughter without parental consent.  It was done in minutes on school grounds.

When Lambert went in to confront the nurse and administration, she was told that they did not have to talk to her – and she was thrown out.

And this is far from an isolated incident.

Eleven percent of U.S. SBHCs in schools offer birth control services.  In twenty-one states, minor children can have IUDs implanted without parental consent, according to The Atlantic.

And because there is no legally-defined age at which a young girl can request birth control, girls in early puberty – as young as 11 or 12 – have access to these at school.

And it gets worse.

Schools all across the country have rules that allow children to confidentially tell a teacher or administration staff that they are caught in an abusive situation in the home.

But young and vulnerable children are able to use a loophole provided by this school policy to leave class to see a doctor for birth control, a counselor for substance abuse – or worst of all – seek an abortion.

Instead of protecting children as these policies are meant to do, they are allowing children as young as 11 or 12 to leave school – no questions asked – so long if they state they have a confidential medical reason for doing so and bring back a physician’s or clinic’s note.

Parents do not have to be informed.  

A San Francisco policy even tells staff members how to “keep quiet” about what students are doing when they use this policy loophole.

The attendance clerk only needs to verify the appointment and should not discuss the reason for the appointment. Provide the student with an excused absence note in order to be admitted to class. Return the appointment verification note to the student; DO NOT file the clinic/medical/ appointment slip.

And how would a young middle-school or high school student who does not yet drive leave school grounds?  

Well, these same policies declare that school administration is not responsible for the child once they leave the property.  In some cases, that would mean a young girl could walk down the street to be picked up by her boyfriend and go to a nearby clinic for an abortion.

Meanwhile in Washington State, soda and candy are banned from school campuses – just like in other SBHCs around the country – but students can request birth control from the school clinic, including having IUDs implanted.

And the state’s “Take Charge” program is supposed to be in place to offer contraceptive services to low-income adults.  

But loopholes in the program’s policies allow children to request these services in school clinics.  Children can even apply for services using their own income, and of course, any child would meet the poverty-level requirements.

Parents are furious, and many are pushing back at school board meetings to have confidentiality policies changed.  

But it’s an uphill battle when a progressive agenda continues to spread that encourages states to deny need for parental consent in personal medical situations.

A broader issue is that the entire practice of offering birth control to young girls in schools normalizes early sexual activity.  

So, what’s the schools’ take on it?  

They say these clinics and programs have been a godsend by decreasing teen pregnancies in the community.  

It’s shocking and very, very frightening.

If schools are able to give something as serious as birth control to our children without our knowledge, what’s next?

When did state governments decide that medical treatment (except for basic, emergency first aid) should have any part in public education?  

And most importantly, why do school districts feel they are obliged to allow our children to leave school grounds without parental consent?  

These policies are putting our children in incredible danger, encouraging harmful and destructive behaviors, and taking more and more authority away from parents.

It’s just another example of how our public schools are being taken over by the government to spread their own agenda – one that often conflicts with parents’ values and beliefs.

What do you think of the disturbing fact that more and more public school nurses are able to dispense birth control – even implanting IUDs surgically – without parents knowing, or that some schools allow children to leave campus if they say it’s for a “confidential medical appointment?”

Leave us your comments.