You Won’t Believe What This Government Agency Is Doing With Your Tax Dollars

One true constant in government is overspending as taxpayers continue to shell out more and more of our paychecks.

Often, American taxpayers foot the bill for projects we know nothing about — projects that can be immoral, frivolous or totally absurd.

But one government project will make your blood boil as they waste our money on a disturbing new venture – to the tune of over a million dollars.

During election season, we are inundated with ads from politicians claiming they are fighting for American families who live paycheck to paycheck.

But these same elected officials are signing off on ridiculous projects for government agencies that the American people would be shocked to know exist.

Such is the case with a new project from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for which the agency has spent well over a million dollars so far to get off the ground.

The project is a simulation app.  One might think it would be used to simulate driving to teens, or perhaps to stage simulations for pilots learning new aviation technology.

No, this million-dollar project is supposed to “help” transgender women and teen boys by simulating gay dating sites.

We’re not kidding.

The Washington Free Beacon recently released information on a disturbing new venture funded by grant money the government takes from hardworking Americans.

Dfusion, a tech company based in California (surprise!) has created a “sex positive” app that creates simulations in which gay teens can track down sex partners and learn tips for improving their sexual encounters.

The company is being paid by grants received by NIH to be used for projects focusing on health and wellness of Americans.

The app for gay teens is called T3 for “Tune In, Tune Up, Turn On,” and targets teen boys between the ages of 14 and 17.  Yes, as young as fourteen years old.

The app will use interactive simulations that mimic dating sites, will have a built-in GPS so users can find the locations of people they’re interested in “hooking up” with, a chat feature, and will cover topics like “self-pleasuring,” making sexual encounters more enjoyable and condom use.

And what about the “handles” of the simulated characters who will teach these gay teens how to “hook up?”

Well, there’s MoreThanUCanHandle, JustWhatULike, and CollegeBoy4U, among others.

There are also sections called “Pleasure Profile” and “Pleasure…All About Me” so these young teens can “practice” telling other men what their sexual fantasies are before actually joining a real gay dating site.

If that wasn’t enough, taxpayers are also funding NIH’s development of another app called “Transwoman Connector,” a dating app of sorts for confused men who think they are women – looking to “hook up” with other confused men who think they are women.

So why is the National Institutes of Health involved in the creation of these sick sexual apps?

You guessed it – it’s a “health care issue” according to the government.

A “health care issue” that you and I are paying for.

Their rationale for labeling it as such is that NIH thinks this will be a safer place for gay teens to explore their sexuality without turning to “older men, the Internet, or porn” as learning tools.

They say it will cut down on sexually-transmitted diseases like HIV and promote healthier relationships between those in the LGBT community.

Yeah, we don’t buy that either.

The behaviors and risks aren’t changing – just the form of access to sexually immoral behavior for gay teens and transgender women.

This is just another step toward normalizing the LGBT agenda by our government.

A government that is supposed to stand for all Americans, not just the incredibly small minority of those who would use these apps.

Activist Mommy said it best: “How can they look us in the eye and honestly tell us there are families in America struggling to make ends meet or pay medical bills when they’re totally OK with forking over millions to fund apps to help gender-confused men and gay teenagers enjoy sex more?”

The research, development, and testing of these apps are still ongoing, and expected to roll out next year.

NIH has also contracted Dfusion for more than 25 other future projects, including an app called “Making Proud Choices” for teenagers.  This one is also under the guise of a health care expenditure but really just encourages and condones teen sex.

Taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going, and money for projects like these that encourage and normalize sexual immorality could be much better spent elsewhere.

What do you think of your tax dollars funding grants for the development of sex apps for the LGBT community?  Leave us your thoughts.




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