You Won’t Believe What This “Transgender” Man Did In A Women’s Locker Room

It was a typical day at the gym for one local woman, until she went to change in the women’s locker room, and noticed a man was inside.

Instead of cowering in fear, she asked him to leave.

But when the man refused, the woman sought help from gym staff, and you won’t believe whose side they picked.

The staff at Planet Fitness should have immediately asked the man to exit the women’s locker room.

But they didn’t.

Instead, they had the audacity to terminate this woman’s gym membership, for her vocal opposition to having a man in the women’s locker room.

Reports state the man deliberately sat in the locker room for hours, and refused to leave.

And as it turns out, he knew exactly what he was doing, and is known as a repeat offender terrorizing women in the women’s locker room.

LifeSite News reported:

“This is not the only incident with Mr. Rice known to Planet Fitness,” according to a letter sent by Liberty Counsel to the CEO of Planet Fitness. 

“Another woman reported that he exposed his naked body to her in the women’s locker room at this location. In another instance, he was involved in an argument with another woman over use of the tanning room. Misogynist, anti-woman harassment should have no place in Planet Fitness locations, and violates Florida law.”

But why would Planet Fitness back a known male repeat offender over a woman simply trying to use the locker room in peace?

Because the LGBT agenda has truly infiltrated businesses at every level.

Planet Fitness chose to stand behind a “transgender” man, over a woman who simply wanted to change in the women’s locker room.

And “transgender” activists know they have the upper hand by crying “discrimination” to those who try and shut them down.

Even more heartbreaking, according to the letter by Liberty Counsel, it turns out the woman who had her membership terminated was a survivor of attempted rape.

Seeing a man in a place he wasn’t supposed to be, must have been terrifying for this woman.

With the stress of everyday life, moms often look for a place of respite to unwind.

The gym is a favorite pick for many women, as they have the chance to maintain their health, in a safe environment.

But with Planet Fitness allowing grown men to change besides women and teens, the locker room is no longer safe.

And as more and more businesses back the LGBT agenda, women and children are the ones who continue to suffer most.

Sexual predators know all they have to do is say they “identify” as a woman, and they earn a free pass to use the restroom or changing room of their choice.

Women should not have to fear getting changed in the locker room.

Planet Fitness backed a “transgender” over a sexual assault victim.

Conservatives must stand together and speak out against the injustice happening to women and children across the country.

What are your thoughts on Planet Fitness allowing a “transgender” male to use the women’s locker room?

Do you think the woman who spoke out should have had her gym membership terminated?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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