You’ll Never Believe Who’s Attacking Christians Now

By now, Christians are used to facing persecution for our beliefs – especially in today’s progressive culture.

Despite these attacks, Christians are largely unified in our fight to preserve traditional values, innocent life, and the family unit.

But one church has turned the tables — attacking their own to protect the left’s agenda.

It comes as no surprise that Greater Purpose Community Church is located in California, a hotbed of liberalism.

What is surprising, however, is their vocal criticism of fellow Christians who do not adopt their mission statement.

“Pastor” Chris VanHall describes his church as having a “progressive take on theology,” and they stand fully behind the LGBT community and abortion-on-demand.

The church has been in the process of selling the building in which they had been located, and in the congregation’s new home, they have opened a brewery.

While their “Faith on Tap” program of drinking while listening to VanHall’s sermons is unorthodox, it is far from the most disturbing part of the mission of the church.

They plan on taking the profits of beer orders going forward, and what they make on the former building’s sale, and donating them to Planned Parenthood.

“A woman’s right to choose is something most churches are silent on or opposed to, but that’s not where we stand in the faith community, Van Hall told Good Times, as reported by LifeNews.

“We hope to be an absolute conundrum for people walking by. A church that serves beer and gives the profits away to places like Planned Parenthood is really exciting to me.

It is the church’s support of abortion that is most abhorrent.  VanHall says he preaches about every Christian loving, accepting, and protecting one another as we are all equal in God’s eyes.

Except that VanHall and his congregation don’t think the innocent unborn should be included in that mission.

The “church” is, of course, receiving backlash from other Christians as VanHall has no business calling himself a Christian pastor or his congregation a part of the Christian community if he is advocating for the murder of unborn children in his “ministry.”

As if it couldn’t get worse, Planned Parenthood has a local office on the upstairs floor of the church’s building.

Along with their adoption of the progressive rallying cry of the left, “a woman’s right to choose,”  Greater Purpose Community Church blatantly fights for special privileges for members of the LGBT community – in the name of spreading the love of Christ to hear VanHall tell it.

The church’s former building flew a large rainbow flag outside, and the church’s website logo has a background of rainbow colors.

VanHall’s Facebook page has been used to promote LGBT events within the church, including the congregation marching in a local “Pride” parade in June.

As for the brewery, VanHall says that, “Giving people the opportunity to ‘pour with a purpose’—knowing every pint you drink goes to a charitable cause—was very attractive to me.  One of the most common things that bubbles up in conversation with nonprofits is their lack of funding,according to LifeNews.

Lack of funding?  Abortion giant Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funding annually, and millions more in donations.  Former CEO Cecile Richards reportedly brought in a million dollars a year in salary during her tenure for killing babies.

It’s not hard to understand why many Christians are up in arms over VanHall’s “ministry,” his views, and the twisted irony in which he preaches of love and the right to kill unborn children in the same breath.

And when the church was making its move and unveiling plans for its new location, VanHall attacked fellow Christians because he received negative comments on Facebook.  VanHall posted, If you would like to see the disgusting things Christians say and believe in America read the article and the comments. This is why our work is so important.

He seemed genuinely outraged that any Christian would be upset with the plans for his church – indoctrination in the progressive agenda of alternate lifestyles, gender fluidity, and abortion.

And did we mention the church website says they have “amazing children’s programs?”

It is unbelievable that this man thinks he is spreading the message of Christ – and indoctrinating others in his message – by advocating for issues that erode the values and traditional families that actually are built on God’s word.

Christians are already fighting an uphill battle against the left as they attack our beliefs and prey upon everything sacred to us, like our children.

We certainly don’t need someone to “help” by taking up the left’s brazen attacks and saying they do so in God’s name.

Yes, as Christians, we are called to love everyone in God’s creation.  But we do not have to accept the destruction of our traditions and families – especially by one who claims to walk with the Lord while advocating sins like murder.

What do you think of Chris VanHall and his “church?”  Do you think they should be calling themselves a Christian congregation?  Leave us your thoughts.





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