You’ll Never Believe Who’s Criticizing Homeschooling

Every conservative parent knows that the left has turned our schools into indoctrination centers for the progressive agenda, especially in recent years.

Because of this, many of us turn to private schools or homeschooling, which has become increasingly popular with families in both the Catholic and Protestant churches.

Why then is a powerful group in the Catholic Church criticizing homeschooling?

The Synod is a group of international bishops who meet at regular times to foster unity between bishops and the Pope, and to advise the Pope on preserving faith, morals, and discipline in all aspects of the Church.

The Synod of Bishops met in October and reviewed many topics pertaining to families and their faith – how economic, societal, and cultural changes affect the Church and her members.

The Synod publishes their discussion points and notes to officially document the meeting to address any concerns with the Pope.

But one discussion point has Catholics – and homeschoolers of all denominations – fuming.

In Sections 19-21 of the meeting discussing education as it relates to the Church, the bishops made a comment that homeschooling parents have been faced with for decades…

…But it usually comes from secular school and government officials, not church leaders who should encourage homeschooling in every possible way.

From the Synod of Bishops’ meeting:

Sections 19-21 Education

*Home based schools – a model coming from America – USA has many home schoolers – bishops in USA are not united, as homeschooling can have an ideological basis – kids may have special needs.

*Are parents qualified to homeschool them?

Why on Earth would church leaders who are concerned with preserving Christian values question the validity of parents’ authority to educate their own children in Biblical truths?

Their reasons are clear — but contradictory, to say the least.

One thought is that the bishops want to encourage families to place their children in Catholic schools so they are being “properly taught” in the ways of the Church.

They spoke of fact that a certain “ideology” may enter the homeschool environment, meaning that the beliefs and teaching approaches of parents may differ from how the Church would teach children in a Catholic school.

But Catholic families, and all Christian homeschoolers, tend to homeschool particularly because they want to instill and preserve traditional Christian values in their children.

In not recognizing that parents are the ultimate authority when it comes to educating their children, the bishops are joining the ranks of countless secular authorities who question whether parents are qualified over trained, professional teachers.

The comments are not going over well.  LifeSite News reported:

It’s painful enough that home schoolers are portrayed as “ideological” by champions of the public-school system, in which an increasingly toxic ideology reigns supreme. It’s outrageous that bishops, who should be defending loyal Catholics against this sort of unjustified attack, are instead joining forces with the assailants.

Some who are criticizing the attack against homeschooling in the Synod meeting point to the fact that even Catholic schools have become more progressive and are being influenced by “dominant secular ideology.”

They say that if the bishops were fulfilling their responsibilities to Catholic families that there would be more focus on improving and expanding traditional private Catholic schools.

A writer for the Catholic Herald remarks that there is “ideology” in every form of education.

Every teacher in every type of school is going to influence their students with their personal opinions and beliefs.

And especially for children with special needs — one of the concerns of the bishops — parents are on the frontlines every day to provide physical care, emotional support, and appropriate education in the home.

No one understands and meets their child’s unique needs – whatever they may be – better than their parents.

He points to the fact that homeschooling is not only effective, but that homeschool parents are giving their children the best education possible because “many Catholic schools in their area have mediocre curricula and are failing to catechize their students.”

Homeschooling parents are taking their jobs – and their Catholic beliefs – seriously.  That is why they choose to educate their children themselves.

“It would be good for more bishops to get to know the homeschooling parents in the diocese, to move from bullet-pointed qualms to lived experience.”

The point is well-made.  These bishops have not lived the experience of being parents or homeschooling children.

Many attended Catholic school but are not involved in the day-to-day running of individual schools all over the world, or how they have changed in modern times.

By experiencing the reality of modern-day education, perhaps they wouldn’t be so quick to judge parents’ abilities to provide the best education available.

What do you think of the criticism of parents who homeschool by the Synod of Bishops?  Leave us your comments.



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