10 Fourth Of July Activities That Don’t Involve Fireworks For The Kids

10. Learn About the American Flag

The American Flag is more than a piece of cloth, and has been the show of pride, strength, and history of the United States.

When thinking of the Fourth of July, the flag is probably the first thing you think of, and there is a reason why.

Talk about when the flag was established in 1777, giving the newly independent colonies something to represent their new home and freedoms.

Your children can look at the Fourth of July with new meaning when they have a chance to know what it’s all about, and get involved in the celebration.

No child is too young or old to find a fun tradition they like to do on the holiday, and you can be the catalyst to bring that joy.

Kids are sponges, and tend to mimic our attitude toward events. No matter your opinion on politics at the moment, it is important to show your respect for this country and all it has given you.

Please let us know in the comments section what you like to do for the Fourth of July, and how you get the kids involved.