Sick And Ruthless Campaign Shouts How “Beautiful” Abortion Is

Sick And Ruthless Campaign Shouts How “Beautiful” Abortion Is

  Abortion is a brutal act that ends the life of an unborn child and damages both the body and soul of the mother. Pro-aborts insist that abortion is simply “healthcare” – and that women only use it as a “safe option” when they don’t know what else to do. […]
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The Murder Hornet Is More Than A Backyard Pest 

  This year has been a tough one for many families, especially for those with kids who were abruptly taken out of school. A saving grace has been children being able to play outside in (mostly) nice weather. But a new pest from -that’s right, you guessed it- Asia is […]
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Anti-Christian Group Succeeds In Removing Military Chaplain Prayer Videos

  As the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic rages on, many people are turning to God for hope to get them through this difficult time. And the men and women serving our country are no different, and have long relied on the powerful prayers of a military chaplain to help navigate them […]
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Someone With COVID-19 Could Be Doing Something Disgusting To Your Food

  Coronavirus has spread across the nation faster than originally expected, resulting in extreme measures to stop the contraction of COVID-19. While most Americans have been abiding by quarantine and social distancing policies, there are those that have gone in the opposite direction. So far in fact, that they are […]
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Abortions During COVID-19 Just Became Even More Dangerous For Moms

  It’s a well-known fact, abortion facilities are a dangerous place for both mothers and their babies. Horror stories of botched abortions where the inside of a woman is forever damaged, to babies born alive and left to die should be enough to stop a woman from ever stepping foot […]
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Social Isolation Provides a Breeding Ground for Progressive Propaganda Online – What Parents Need to Know

  Our nation remains gripped by a health crisis of historic proportions, one not seen in more than a century. And while we’re all distracted, our “backs turned” and focused on immediate issues of safety and finances, the Left is working hard to slip their agenda under the radar. As […]
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Social Distancing Is Wrecking Teens: Here’s How You Can Help

  Teenagers often get a bad reputation and are viewed as moody, angsty, and overly emotional. But the truth is, the teenage years are one of the toughest seasons of life– from raging hormones and body changes – to the pressure to earn good grades and get into a good […]
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The Coronavirus Grief Is Felt By Your Kid’s Teachers Too

  As our world continues to adjust to a “new normal” many students are grieving the loss of their school year. From seniors who can no longer walk across the stage to graduate, to canceled dances and extracurricular activities, things are tough. Even more surprising, many kids admit they actually […]
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Financial Ruin May Be More Prevalent In Your State

  You have probably noticed your town changing. Stores are closing down, hours of operation have shortened, and friends and family are losing their jobs. COVID-19 has had a substantial financial impact on America’s economy, playing a greater role on one’s well-being than previously expected. But some states are feeling […]
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Some Scientists Are Using a National Crisis to Further Their Agenda – But Colleagues Are Fighting Back

  By now, the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic have touched every person in our nation – and throughout the world. It’s a crisis of historic proportions, and we know the progressive Left never lets a good crisis go to waste. So they’re using fear and panic to try […]