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Unbelievable:  Mom In Police-Enforced Lockdown Kept From Sick Newborn

  Virtually every person around the globe has experienced the devastating effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. But for one community in Australia, anger and shock continues as families put under one of the most strict lockdowns in the world has them feeling like prisoners. For one mom, the feeling is […]
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Horrific! Michael Jackson’s Lesbian Daughter Plays The Role Of Jesus In Upcoming Leftist Film

  One could expect to see the usual anti-family tactics in a leftist film, but the latest liberal movie has taken things to a whole new low. The film Habit features an alleged character supposedly representing Jesus… except He is being played by Michael Jackson’s lesbian daughter. More than 300,000 […]
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A Sad Day In America –Many Businesses Forced Into Bankruptcy And Store Closures

  These past few months, many businesses have taken a beating as they’ve been forced to adapt to a socially distant world. From mandatory government regulations to losing a huge customer base due to mandatory stay-at-home orders – many businesses simply could not withstand the hit. As a result, some […]
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Your Favorite Store Is Bankrupt With Many More To Follow

  Post pandemic shopping is going to be a different experience than before face-masks were the new “it” accessory of 2020. In addition to many dressing rooms being off-limits, you may find your favorite retailer has vanished- with your favorite go-to wardrobe picks with it. So now we have the […]
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Family Tragically Drowns After Testing Out New Pool

  Swimming is a favorite summer pastime, allowing a reprieve from the heat while spicing up the afternoon. But getting into any body of water has its benefits and risks. One family discovered the dangers a family swimming pool can hold – but it was too late. Nisha Patel, 33, […]
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Christian Hospice Is Facing Shutdown and Veiled Threats In an Anti-Life Government System

  Many Americans hear that the Left would like to move our nation toward socialism, but many don’t know exactly what that means. Some may think that “free” education, healthcare, and other welfare benefits sound like a good thing, until you see the real-life effects of these systems on citizens’ […]
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Pro-Lifers Call Out Protesters For Missing the Real Threat to Black Lives

  There’s no question 2020 has been a tumultuous year between a global pandemic and social unrest that has led to protests, rioting, and violence. Not since the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement have we experienced such racial tensions, as African-Americans fight to have their voices heard. But one […]
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CDC’s Ridiculous Guidelines For Reopening Schools Turn Classrooms Into Prisons

  As the CDC released its “suggested guidelines” for schools to reopen, many moms were outraged at what was expected of their children. From canceled extracurricular activities to forcing children to eat their lunch at their desk while maintaining a “safe” social distance from their friends– the new guidelines are […]
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Mom Stands Up For Freedom At Local Park And Pays A High Price

  People from all walks of life have been feeling the effects of the shut-downs due to the coronavirus. But mothers face specific challenges no other group will deal with like explaining to your children why the news is telling Americans if they go to the grocery store they may […]
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Planned Parenthood Affiliates Improperly Received $80 Million In Stimulus Funds

  During a worldwide pandemic, many small businesses and families found themselves struggling to make ends meet. So when the opportunity arose to apply for financial help – many legit small businesses jumped at the opportunity. But greedy abortion providers wanted a slice of the pie too, and even though […]