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Let’s Bring Our Attention To Humility And How It Plays A Role In Politics

  There are countless articles and resources on how to spot a narcissist, and for good reason. But what about the other side of coin? There is one neglected character trait we could all use a little more of in life- especially during these times of contentious political divide. Humility […]

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Parenting Styles May Be Changing Due to Distance Learning

  It’s always a bit tough to walk the parenting line between guidance and support and encouraging independence. This is especially difficult when our children are entering a new phase or learning a new skill – we sometimes hover and critique and help way too much instead of letting them […]

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Legislation Seeks To Allow “Transgender” Inmates To Choose Either Male Or Female Prison – Regardless Of Biological Sex

  The “transgender” insanity has infiltrated its way into prisons – and you won’t believe the latest craze. “Transgender” inmates are now insisting it is too “dangerous” to be locked up with members of their own biological gender, and they are asking for the choice to pick either male or […]

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Brave Teen Rescues Mother And Her Three Children From A Burning Vehicle

  Justin Gaven was headed to the drugstore to pick up some items when he encountered the unthinkable. Swerving down the street he noticed a car… on fire! When the car stopped – the teen raced to help – and his heroic actions go above and beyond the call of […]

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Parents Outraged: Local Health Department Flyer Encourages Teens To Text Anonymous Sex Questions To Strangers

  Government bureaucrats are working overtime to damage the relationship between child and parent so they can influence them with leftist propaganda. From schools going against parent’s wishes and providing “gender” counseling to promoting an LGBT curriculum – officials have no problem interfering with a child and their parent. In […]

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This City Shut Down Riots In One Day Using A Proven Method

  Our nation is experiencing social unrest akin to the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s, only with exponentially more destruction. So why has the violence not only continued throughout the nation, but has become increasingly worse? The answer is simpler than you think. One of the main […]

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Netflix’s Cuties Film Exploits Kids And Sparks Major Backlash Yet Liberals Remain Silent

When Netflix released their Cuties film – the world became outraged at the exploitation of 11-year old girls. The film showed barely dressed young teens dancing for adults while performing sexualized moves. In fact, conservative legislators were so horrified at the film – they’ve called the Department of Justice to […]

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Hobby Lobby Gets Blasted For Exercising Their Rights

There is an obvious double standard when it comes to freedom of expression in modern American society. A mall vendor is welcomed for selling t-shirts that openly mock the president of the United States, but you have to literally fear for your life if you speak publicly about supporting this […]

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Ginsburg Has Passed – And Hopefully An Era Of Death And Defeat With Her

  The “Notorious RBG”- Supreme Court Justice turned celebrity- has lost her uphill battle with cancer. Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked hard to pave her own way into a honorable position, but has left the nation with next to no worthy causes. It’s a shame her efforts to change the world […]

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Hypocrite: Nancy Pelosi Forces Salon Open With No Mask To Get A Haircut

  We are used to the hypocrisy of the left – like claiming support of women and then killing millions of them in the womb. But this time one representative took it too far by showcasing her true colors. Now how is the nation going to respond to a liberal […]