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U.K. Mothers Experience “Intense Pressure to Terminate” Babies With This Syndrome – And America May Be Next

  As we look toward a new year, the Left gleefully plots their next moves to cement their agenda into every society on the planet. The sickening irony is, while they preach “love, equality, and tolerance” for all, they also spread a culture of death that has left millions upon […]

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Mom Faces Nightmare After A Botched Pedicure

  Every mother needs some time alone to recharge the batteries and be in a good place to continue providing unconditional love to her children. That’s why this mom decided to take an afternoon off to go get a pedicure. What she never expected was that this relaxing hour away […]

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Maskless Politicians Party On While Attempting To Cancel Holiday Traditions For American Families

  Politicians around the country have demanded Americans cancel their holiday plans. Others have “allowed” families to gather but not without threatening fines if they refuse to follow ridiculous guidelines like wearing masks in a public park and withholding singing. But the same politicians who thrust out their demands to […]

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Sick New Movie “Unpregnant” Encourages Teens To Abort Their Babies

    Young girls are constantly bombarded with the message if they become pregnant – abortion is their best option. From sleazy magazines “shouting their abortion” to TV shows portraying abortion as if it is a normal part of being a teenager, it’s not surprising many young girls walk through […]

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Incredible Mom Runs One Mile In Record Time While Nine Months Pregnant

  Every woman’s pregnancy experience is different – and each is unique and special in their own way. Some women have a difficult pregnancy and are ordered to rest in bed and take it easy while others are active and even shattering fitness records. And once you hear the story […]

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The Slippery Slope Continues: Nation’s First “Transgender” State Senator Gets Elected

  The 2020 election will certainly go down in history – although the full ending has not yet been written. From voter fraud charges being filed in courts throughout the country to election machine nightmares – Biden may have “won” – but pending legal action we’ll see how things play […]

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Sweet Baby Girl Born With Life-Threatening Condition Wins 2.2 Million Dollar Treatment

  One of the scariest things for a new mom is learning their precious baby has been diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic condition. Many moms feel helpless, unsure what to do as doctors often tell them their little one won’t go on to live a full life. And for one […]

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A Case That Could Preserve Christian Religious Liberty Heads To the Supreme Court

  One of the most important issues facing conservatives today is our right to practice our faith free from persecution. The progressive Left, however, has our Christian faith in their crosshairs because it does not fit their anti-life, alternative lifestyle agenda for their creation of a new America. But there […]

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Celebrity Mom Shamed For Kissing Their Children On The Lips

  We all have our different “love languages” and we use these methods of love to express our care and admiration for friends and family. Children often benefit from physical affection. I mean, cuddle time is an important part of the day to them. But some people are very opinionated […]

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The Irony In Pro-Socialism Activists Disdain For Government

There is a frightening trend happening in politics right now – other than the typical liberal agenda. The push to re-write history for our younger generations and the wave of entitlement among citizens in the United States has created a flock of dangerous and misguided individuals. The worst part may […]